iQIYI Video v4.6.5 Mod APK (VIP Unlocked)

Last updated: 28/04/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:4.6.5
MOD Info:VIP Unlocked
Package:Google Play Link

Referring to the application to watch movies and videos, you will immediately think Netflix or Disney+. Those are two very popular and popular applications. However, there are still plenty of other apps that are going strong and will likely topple Netflix’s dominance. The app we are talking about is called iQIYI Video. Does this app really have potential? Is it worth you to trust and replace other applications? Come find out with us! We have also attached the MOD APK file of iQIYI Video so you can experience the VIP account for free.

Introduce about iQIYI Video

iQIYI Video is a video and movie sharing application for mobile devices. It is released and widely used in China. This application contains a huge volume of movies and videos with many genres. High-definition video quality and clear, vivid sound. You can entertain all day with iQIYI Video without getting bored. In addition, it also possesses many other features besides video playback. Discover now!

Diverse video store

The first thing that users care about is the content of the application. Does it have multiple genres? Are there current popular movies or TV shows showing? iQIYI Video confidently brings you huge and diverse entertainment content. You can find any movie or show on it. Broadcast content is also updated daily to bring users many new things. Especially the movies or shows that are playing, iQIYI Video will update as quickly as possible so that you are the first to enjoy it.

Play exclusive videos

You love a certain movie but due to copyright reasons, you can’t watch it? This is annoying until you know this app. iQIYI Video will buy the rights of all popular movies. Then play exclusively according to the manufacturer’s contract. New episodes will be broadcast quickly and on schedule. As long as you like any content, open the application and search, you can start enjoying.

Provide many other areas

iQIYI Video differs from similar applications in that it also integrates many other services. Open this application, you can read books online. Countless good books on many fields: life, history, economics… or interesting comic books and novels for you. In addition, you can also book tickets, play games online on this application. Too many utilities in one application, iQIYI Video is the perfect choice for you.

High quality video

The highest quality iQIYI Video can give you is 4K. However, it is also greatly affected by the network connection speed. Normally, you should watch in HD and Full HD will be more stable. If you’re sure you’re using a good network connection, you can leave the 4K mode on. Then you will feel the great sharpness in every frame. Perfect enjoyment of a movie at the highest quality, is what many people desire. That is also the highest purpose that this application wants to send to users.

Watch offline

Like many other apps, iQIYI Video allows you to download videos for offline viewing. The benefits of having it are easily seen, which is watching the whole series at the highest quality without lag, lag. You just need to click on the download icon to start downloading the video. This application also allows you to download multiple videos at the same time, suitable for the genre of series. Downloaded videos will be saved for 30 days before being deleted.

You can also review the movie history to see the progress of watching until the episode or find the previous movie that has not been finished. The displayed list is also extremely clear with the detailed time of each item. You will not miss any movie.

Various subtitles

Subtitles are extremely important for movie watching applications, because they allow users from many countries to use them. Currently, in addition to English and Chinese, iQIYI Video also has Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese… You can choose any language to watch. Since this app comes from China, the language of the subtitles will usually be around East Asian countries. To change the sub to, select the letter A icon in the video player and see the list. Currently, this application does not allow users to create subtitles themselves. However, it will soon be updated in the upcoming versions.

Intuitive interface

Simple, intelligent interface makes iQIYI Video easy to access to users. On the left side of the screen are all the features of the application. They are neatly arranged and uncluttered. They are also categorized by category so that you can easily find what you need. The first is the search, home page, movie store, personal information and finally the settings. If you don’t know what to see, tap the house icon. It’s the home page, which will suggest you the best and most visited movies and shows. An advanced search bar makes it easy to find your favorite shows… Simple in terms of ease of use, iQIYI Video pleases anyone experiencing it for the first time.

VIP member

iQIYI Video does not require users to register as a VIP to use it. The free version still lets you watch many movies, but not all. In addition, you also cannot use some advanced features such as: download videos, watch 4K quality, log in to multiple devices at the same time… If you want an enhanced experience, you need to register for a VIP membership. . Currently you can renew by month, quarter and year. An annual subscription will save you a lot of money if you decide to use this app long-term. Details about each subscription can be viewed within the app. Just open the app, log in, select the “Account” section and view the subscriptions.

MOD APK version of iQIYI Video

MOD features

  • Unlocked VIP: you do not need to spend any money to register and renew VIP. We have unlocked it permanently in this version. You just need to download and directly enjoy the most premium content.

Reviews from users

This application has been praised by many previous users and left positive reviews. However, it also has small disadvantages, the publisher will try to improve. Here are some reviews from users on Google Play:

“The application can watch good anime and the subtitles are very standard, 5 stars! But hope the producer removes the ad when you first see it. The rest of the quality and content is quite good.”

“The movie is very good, the picture is very nice and sharp. I see people say that the application has a lot of ads, but I don’t see it like that. The ads appear very rarely and the ad duration is also short, so it’s not significant.”

“This application I really love. The new interface is easier to use, but the new update has some areas that I don’t like. Specifically, when switching to a new episode, the video takes a long time to download, the font is harder to read than the previous version. .”

“This app has a lot of good movies. The quality of the movies is also good and it’s great that it has Vietnamese subtitles. I don’t know English so it’s a bit of a barrier to use Netflix. Now that I know this app, I really appreciate it. love.”

“I have never experienced such a good movie watching application before. It has all the necessary features. For example, a large screen like Youtube, video rewind and new movie updates every second. .. Only these 3 functions make me feel very deserving of 5 stars.”

“I like this app very much. The interface is simple to use and has a wide range of movies and TV series. Despite some minor flaws, I still enjoy the variety and have paid for the quarterly membership. Hope for the upcoming improvements of the publisher.”

“I came to this app because of BlackPink’s Lisa. She’s on a show in China and I love it. And then, I found this app to be pretty cool and awesome. I decided to buy VIP and use this app for a long time”

Download iQIYI Video MOD APK for Android

iQIYI Video confidently brings top entertainment moments for you. Rich content, high quality and easy to use, it has all the elements of the leading movie streaming application. If you are a fan of Chinese culture or movies, iQIYI Video is the perfect choice. In addition, you can also read stories, play games, buy tickets… on this app. Small but extremely useful, iQIYI Video deserves the trust that users put in. What are you waiting for without experiencing this amazing application right now!

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