World Cricket Championship 3 v2.5 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Last updated: 22/04/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:2.5
MOD Info:Unlimited Money
Requires:Android 6.0+
Publisher:Nextwave Multimedia
Package:Google Play Link

If you love baseball, don’t ignore the game World Cricket Championship 3. Its appeal has spread to many countries around the world. Winning the award for Game Studio of the Year, WCC3’s success is beyond expectations. So what does this game have, how to play? Soon, we’ll find out for you!

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Introduce game World Cricket Championship 3

World Cricket Championship 3 is a realistic mobile sports game with many advanced features. Many attractive features, interesting and realistic animations create a professional playing field. WCC3 is extremely loved and voted by running ball fans. The top-notch, dramatic matches to the last minute will definitely make you unable to take your eyes off. Start your preparation now to get ready to compete!

New career mode

From an amateur player, you can go professional when completing the career modes. The tournaments are also gradually improved from domestic to international tournaments. All in all, you can go through more than 400 matches during this mode. At that time, your perseverance and talent will gradually be proven. In addition, in this mode also comes stories about baseball, about veteran players. You can explore those stories and get a feel for what the sport means!

Build your own team

In World Cricket Championship 3, you can even create your own team. As both a manager and a captain, then your work will be extremely busy. In management, you must select, train, and coach your members. Records management, In each match, you must show the spirit of an exemplary captain to direct the members on the field. With team members you can upgrade their skills with cards.

Regarding the reputation of the baseball team, you can start with the smallest things. Customize your Squad with all new jerseys and logos. Name your team to make opponents wary of hearing it. Step by step into the top leagues, you will go down in history as a world leader as a player, coach and manager.

Realistic match simulation

World Cricket Championship 3 attracts players not only because of its attractive features. It is also because players can feel the authentic atmosphere in each match. Smooth action with 360 degree rotation gives you the best shots. Even more amazing when you can adjust the angle of rotation to your liking. The baseball game is simulated in real time, you can feel the excitement at the end of each game. Besides, every game is commented by Australian baseball legend – Matthew Hayden. Accompanying him will be the famous and leading cricket commentator of India Aakash Chopra.

Intuitive controls let you move and manipulate with ease. All-new Run, Sprint Mechanics keep your adrenaline racing. Smoothness in each catch, direct hits so you don’t miss points unfortunately.

Conquer glory and achievements

Your talent will be tested at the League of Champs tournament. Here, you will compete against other players in matches. They are also players like you, form teams, participate in tournaments and win glory. No more battles with computer technology, but now you have to face real challenges. Rise and conquer a brand new super competitive leaderboard for even greater rewards.

World Cricket Championship 3 brings you a huge collection of achievements. Its difficulty also increases with progress. All include more than 50 effects badges with achievements that you need to complete. The more badges you earn, the more your team can prove its reputation. The achievement way also gives you many loot in Kits categorized: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary.

Daily tasks are also very important, you should not ignore them. There you can earn a lot of Platinum from there. You will use it to buy necessary items in the shop. More than that, you also need to pay the amount for your players.

High quality graphics and sound

The beautiful images from the quality footage are sure to catch your eye. Great simulator that gives the most perfect movements in every ball phase. Enjoy visually stunning cutscenes that you can be the creator of. In particular, it was the first time we saw a game with an epic pitch design. The all-new stadiums are handcrafted, and the lighting and pitches leave you mesmerized as you play.

The vibrant sound in each match will push the atmosphere more passionately. The sound of the audience, applause or cheers to create the spirit of the match. In particular, you can also hear the commentary voices of 2 famous baseball legends in the world. World Cricket Championship 3 is not simply a game anymore, it is a super realistic connection simulation.

MOD APK version of World Cricket Championship 3

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money: you can use Platinum freely, without limit.

Reviews from users

This game has won the Best Google of 2020 – User Choice Award. So let’s see how users rate this game!

“I love this game! All features are very good and interesting. Hope you can add celebratory scenes, awarding trophies… I think this will work to win meaningful tournaments. than!”

“Best cricket game! Really great commentators voices and a lot of sound for a group. It’s almost like being in a real cricket commentary.”

“Nextwave multimedia team really it’s a super game. And great game needs updating like cricket 19 graphics. It will be more fun to play this game in many shapes and angles. . Thank you.”

“This is the best cricket game I have ever played. There are some bugs in Highlights and Hotspots but overall this game is the best for cricket fans.”

“This is one of my favorite games. Hope you guys add some fight scenes and some new jerseys and drop the platinum rate.”

“I’m glad that WCC3 has more improvements than WCC2. Maybe because it’s the first update, it still has some bugs. But overall this version makes me quite satisfied.”

Download World Cricket Championship 3 MOD APK for Android

World Cricket Championship 3 deserves the 2 awards it achieved. Attractive gameplay, many features and especially extremely quality and realistic graphics. This is a brand new cricket game that brings thrills, challenges to any player. We believe that this game will blow a strong flame for cricket fans. Embark on the first page of your baseball legends history now!

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