VMOS PRO v2.3.4 Mod APK (Unlocked All)

Last updated: 19/04/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:2.3.4
MOD Info:Unlocked All
Requires:Android 5.1+
Package:Google Play Link

Have you heard of Android emulators for Android phones? VMOS PRO MOD APK is such an application! Many people may find this application unnecessary, but it has a huge effect. You will understand why after reading our article below.

Introduce about VMOS PRO

VMOS PRO MOD APK is an Android emulator that allows simultaneous dual system operation on mobile phones. It’s like using an emulator on your PC, almost exactly the same. The appearance of VMOS makes many users feel excited. They quickly realized the huge effect that this application brings. In particular, it is important for users who often have access to games or other applications that are not trusted.

VMOS PRO 444x789
VMOS PRO creates virtual Android running side-by-side with the main OS

Why is VMOS PRO needed?

If you often download games or applications on forums, you may encounter safety problems, viruses that damage the operating system… Therefore, you need to have a virtual Android for testing and separate it from the main phone. The things that users often do is to use an Android emulator on the PC to check first. However, what if you don’t have a PC? This is when you need the appearance of VMOS PRO. Creating an Android emulator on the Android device itself, that is the point of absurdity but extremely reasonable of this application.

How the app works?

VMOS PRO works completely independent of the real phone. When you open the application, a virtual Android will be created immediately. There, you can load games or apps normally. This app will create a barrier, preventing abnormal elements from escaping. Any risky file or app cannot damage your phone. It also ensures that all the apps in the virtual Android cannot steal your information.

Floating window

The “Floating Window” feature is quite popular nowadays because of its convenience. This feature allows users to use multiple applications at the same time. And so is VMOS PRO, which allows you to perform window operations for non-stop entertainment. Easy to operate, quick to operate, you can easily see it with just one experience.

VMOS PRO MOD 444x789
Extremely useful “Floating window” feature

Free app

You can use VMOS PRO absolutely free! Indeed, just download the application from Google and you can start experiencing. While there are paid features, the free ones also make you happy. This app can install virtual system on any of your Android devices. So App or Game can’t run successfully because high Android version can run on virtual system without problem.

Advantages and disadvantages

Below is an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of VMOS PRO. These are our unbiased reviews, so it may not be exhaustive. You can learn more if you experience this application directly.


  • Smooth, lag-free operation like you’re using a main phone;
  • All applications installed into the virtual Android are managed by VMOS PRO. No risk can affect your phone;
  • Floating window enhances the experience, unlimited entertainment;
  • Free application;
  • Simple interface, easy to use;
  • Moreover…


  • This app cannot create its own memory in the virtual machine. Therefore, you need to have enough memory on the main machine to be able to comfortably download games or applications;
  • Initializing 2 independent Android operating systems will consume RAM and Chip. So your device needs to have a strong enough configuration to run smoothly. The minimum specification required by this application is 3GB RAM – 64bit, minimum operating system 5.1, internal memory at least 32GB.
VMOS PRO APK 444x789
Optionally adjust the resolution according to your intended use

User interface

Talking about the look and feel of the this app, you can think of it as another phone. The user interface is completely similar to normal Android devices. There, you can freely download and install the applications you need. In addition, the application’s screen can also be reduced to a window so you can use 2 operating systems at the same time on the same device. The interface is extremely simple and easy to use, VMOS PRO is extremely user-friendly.

MOD APK version of VMOS PRO

MOD feature

  • Unlocked All

Download VMOS PRO MOD APK for Android

Without a doubt, VMOS PRO MOD APK is an essential application for Android phones. With this virtual operating system, you can freely download and store unsafe files on online forum sites. They cannot put your main phone at risk while in virtual Android. Hopefully through this article, you can better understand the benefits and usage of VMOS PRO. For now, download the app so you can feel free to install any risky files!

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