QR Code Generator v1.02.36.0308 Mod APK (VIP Unlocked)

Last updated: 12/12/2022 (1 year ago)

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MOD Info:VIP Unlocked
Requires:Android 4.4+
Publisher:QR Scanner & QR Code Generator & Radio & Notes
Package:Google Play Link

Many times you need to use QR Code but don’t know how to generate it. QR Code Generator application is the simplest and easiest solution for you. This is a simple, secure and trusted application by many people.

Introducing QR Code Generator app

QR Code Generator helps you create simple and fast QR Code with many different forms. This highly utility application has a lot of things that are also quite interesting. If you are in need, please continue to see the detailed sharing below.

Benefits of QR Code

QR (Quick Response) Code is a form of coded information, in the form of black dots and pattern squares on a white background. It contains a lot of important information such as URL, time, location, name of an event, description of status, product introduction, shipment… Almost all barcode readers, smartphones have Modern cameras can scan barcodes. Compared to other types of code, QR Code has the highest popularity and convenience today.

Incorporating into your daily life, there are many things you will need to create a QR Code. For example, set a QR Code for a product so that you can scan the code to check the information and origin. Or even use QR Code to pay, to replace medical records in hospitals, to represent vaccination status…

When to generate QR Code?

Sometimes, as an individual user or a company, you will have the need to create a QR Code for your product yourself. That product is not limited to any category or hardware or software. It can be a website link, a contact, a text, a business card, or a social account. Like Whatsapp QR, Instagram QR code, Facebook QR code… Anything that needs to contain a lot of detailed description inside. At this point, you need an application that specializes in creating fast, convenient and highly customizable code. For example QR Code Generator.

Just 1-2 simple touches on the screen, you can generate your own QR code. Choose from the available designs, and fill in the required descriptions. The operation only takes a few minutes, but the QR Code system generated will bring great benefits. In case you’ve generated a code and still don’t like how it looks, you can move on to the extra set of features in QR Code Generator: the QR Code customization feature.

Customize QR Code in QR Code Generator

After the QR Code has been created according to your needs, you can completely customize it to create a unique QR Code design of your own. QR Code Generator provides options for color frames, colors, logos, even using images to make QR Codes. These various customizations will make the QR Code more vivid and aesthetically pleasing, matching the product color tone and individual personality of each person.

Once you are completely satisfied with the generated QR Code, you can immediately insert it into your photo or poster, like inserting a sticker on an image.

Smart QR Code management

In the process of using, when creating quite a few QR Codes for many types of products, on many different times. You will need a smart manager to record these code generation histories. QR Code Generator will help you to do it without any effort. Manage by date, by format, by product category, or by any other criteria you choose.

Not only with the QR Code generated from the application. QR Code Generator also helps you manage QR Codes that your phone has ever scanned, with specific notes to remember the situation and type of product with that code. All will be recorded and displayed as lists similar to how you read them in Excel forms.

The interface is easy to understand, easy to use and concise

The above tasks, each of which only takes you a few taps. And the app size is small, almost does not affect the phone memory. What about the application interface? Not as hard as its feature, the “appearance” of QR Code Generator is quite cool. The feature buttons are in a convenient location, easy to see, easy to use. All functions require only 1-2 screen touches. It saves a lot of time and effort for users.

Summary of main features

  • Generate QR codes for website URLs, contacts, texts, Wifi, business cards, SMS… and more
  • Easily generate codes for Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook;
  • Multiple options for you to customize your QR Code with different colors, eyes, patterns and frames;
  • The image can be used as a QR code color;
  • Create your own QR code with a variety of available templates;
  • Support scanning existing QR code and decoration;
  • Add the generated QR code to your business photo or poster;
  • Save and manage your generated QR recordings and scan the recordings;
  • Save the generated QR Code as a template;
  • Simple interface, friendly and easy to use.

User manual

  1. The first step, you choose the type of QR Code you want to create;
  2. Enter the content you want, then click the ‘Create’ button;
  3. Customize QR code and save;
  4. Complete!

MOD APK version of QR Code Generator

MOD Features

Unlock VIP. If possible, you can spend money to upgrade the QR Code Generator VIP package to support the developer. And if you cannot upgrade the VIP package for any reason, there is a MOD version for you. This version has unlocked all premium features. You can try it for free without registering an account.

Download QR Code Generator MOD APK for Android

QR Code Generator, a convenient QR Code generator application, comes with a variety of customization capabilities and also helps to manage QR Codes inside and out of the system. This is a necessary software for all of you who are working on product code, inventory management or even use it to “encrypt” everything in your personal life. If you are interested, you can download the QR Code Generator at the link below!

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