Panda Gamepad Pro v4.3.0 Mod APK (Paid)

Last updated: 07/05/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:4.3.0
MOD Info:Paid
Publisher:Panda Gaming Studio
Package:Google Play Link

Panda Gamepad Pro allows you to connect the controller to your phone. Therefore, you can flex the difficult operations when playing fighting and action games. As usual, you can download Panda Gamepad Pro APK at the end of this article.

Introducing Panda Gamepad Pro

For games that require a lot of skills, especially shooters, you need flexible hand manipulation. But you’re not used to the game’s default button setting, which reduces flexibility. Now, with the introduction of Panda Gamepad, you’ll be playing those games with your controller. Therefore, the operation will become simpler, helping you play the game better.

The publisher Panda Gaming Studio wanted gamers to be able to play games on the phone more simply, so they developed Panda Gamepad Pro. Although it is only a trial version, it has been very interested by a lot of people. So what is its outstanding feature? Let’s find out with me!

Thanks to that, you can easily experience the hottest shooting games today. Including names like PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, Rules Of Survival, …

Easy to use

Under the description at Google Play, there are several YouTube links available to guide you on how to use. But we still want to briefly summarize so you can imagine. First, open the game and launch the Panda Gamepad app to run in parallel. Then you need to link the touchscreen buttons that match the buttons on the handle. So the installation is complete and you can experience a simpler and newer gameplay.

Panda Gamepad also supports you to log in with your Google Play account. As a result, your previous settings will be preserved even when you change to a new phone. Use this Google Play account to re-download the game to a new device and experience immediately, without needing to reset.

Support Google Play login

The games on Google Play are really varied and enjoyable. Therefore, Panda Gamepad Pro also aims to be compatible with Google Play login to play games immediately. From there, you can experience these games in a whole new way. Using the controller will help you in many games.

Simple interface

The most impressive feature of this application is its interface. Panda Gamepad Pro is designed to be as simple as possible so that users can explore the features for themselves. Simplicity doesn’t mean it lacks features. The simplified interface helps users feel comfortable and does not take too much time to learn.

For Panda Gamepad, you can run it directly without cloning. For other similar applications, you will need to clone the game to match the default application settings, so that the controller can be installed. This will take more time and your computer will get worse due to having to run many applications at the same time. In addition, the game speed is also affected, not as smooth as at first.


Due to being only in the testing phase, Panda Gamepad has some shortcomings. This application accepts only the controller, not the mouse or keyboard. In addition, performance will have a few minor issues. One more thing is that you need to enable Root, which may cause your device to experience a few minor errors. The publisher also announced that they will quickly improve to send a best version in the future.

Important Note

  • This tool is only supported for handheld devices, not computer keyboards
  • This app requires you to Root or activate your PC. If you don’t want to take the risk of “rooting” your phone, try the PC activation method. PC activation means you have to connect your phone to your PC and run Panda Gamepad Pro Activator. Once activated you can connect your phone with the controller. In the application there are detailed instructions showing you how to connect and activate.
  • Application is still in beta. Therefore, it may still have some performance issues.
  • Supports almost all brands of gamepad.
  • Support gamepad editing. If your gamepad is not working or working properly, you can use this feature to automatically calibrate.
  • Supports almost all apps and games, except for a few extreme apps.

New feature

As mentioned above, Panda Gamepad Pro is still unstable in some devices. Although this is not the case, the developer still wants to improve it. They are constantly making changes to make this application as perfect as possible. They help Panda Gamepad Pro to reduce the occurrence of stability errors. In the latest version, the minor bugs you encountered have been fixed. In addition, the stability and compatibility in this new version is also better.

Developer Panda Gaming Studio is always listening to users to improve their products. So, do not hesitate to contact them if you have problems, or make any contribution about this application.

APK (Paid) version of Panda Gamepad Pro

With this app you will have to pay an amount of $ 3.99 if you want to own it. But today, we want to send you this version of Panda Gamepad Pro APK. With this version, you can download and install Panda Gamepad completely free. Fast and convenient, with just a few taps, you already own Panda Gamepad on your device. In addition, our session ads are also removed to avoid affecting your gameplay.

Installation Instructions

  • As a first step, you need to give permission to install apps from unknown sources. Depending on each device, there will be different settings. Usually you can find this item in Settings-> Apps. Some devices will automatically show this permission notification when you open the APK file.
  • Next, download the Panda Gamepad Pro APK file below of REDMOD
  • Open the APK file for the system to install automatically
  • When the installation is complete, open the app and allow it to access some items in your device
  • Finally, you just have to set up the controls and experience the application

Note: You need to install the latest Panda Gamepad Pro APK version to not miss any new features. Please visit REDMOD regularly for the latest versions. In addition, you can also refer to many other interesting applications and games from our website. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact the developer through their homepage.


Does Panda Gamepad Pro need Root?

This application only supports Gamepad, keyboard and mouse will not be able to work. The app also requires Root or PC activation.

How to active Panda Gamepad Pro?

The way of active is very simple! First, you need to debug usb in developer mode. Then, plug in the USB and leave it “charging only”. Open the file activate and wait to run, press “agree” that you are successfully active.

Why does the app ask me to reactivate when I turn off the phone?

This is a problem that occurs frequently on all mobile devices. When you shut down or restart it, it asks you to re-enable it. You can also fix this via the following youtube link:

Can Panda Gamepad Pro run on all games?

This application cannot run on all games or applications. There will be games that will not be compatible with it.

Where can I download Panda Gamepad Pro for free?

Currently on Google Play is selling this app for about $ 1.49 depending on the region. But you can own it for free at

Reviews from users

Referencing user reviews directly will help you better understand this app. You will know the advantages, disadvantages or errors they encounter. Here are the reviews from users on Google Play:

“Great! App used well! Active was released but discovered that it was due to the selection of data transfer mode. Just select it and do nothing and it will not be released.”

“Those who intend to download, please note! This application needs a PC to activate or a USB pin directly to the power source!”

“Active easy, good to use. Active instructions: 1: enter developer mode enable usb debugging. 2: when plugging the cable into the PC only to” charging only “mode. wait for running 4: when this phone pops up the notification box press “agree”. That’s it, great app! “

“The active method is troublesome. When using the USB cap, the key is released. Luckily, the active method via wifi can still be used. Should change the active method”

“The settings are a bit messy, but the key mapping is fine. Error in Titan Quest mapping, can be used with Genshin Impact”

“This app is only useful if your phone can keep on (usb debugging mode). Some phones can’t turn on that mode after plugging the phone out of the computer and that causes the application to turn on.” This application becomes useless. “

Download Panda Gamepad Pro APK (Paid) for Android

This is an application that is worth using and experiencing. You will become a better gunman by handling with the handle. Touch screen operations sometimes have a few problems or the picture is frozen. But with Panda Gamepad Pro, those things will never happen. Please download and install to experience with us in the link below. And you need to carefully read the introduction and instructions to install this application.

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