Remote Control for Android TV v1.6.4 Mod APK (Pro Unlocked)

Last updated: 08/07/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.6.4
MOD Info:Pro Unlocked
Requires:Android 4.4+
Publisher:SensusTech LLC
Package:Google Play Link

Remote Control for Android TV MOD APK is a TV control replacement application for Android users. The App allows you to control every operation on the TV as easily as a real remote. Besides the advanced features you can’t find on a normal remote.

Introducing Remote Control for Android TV

Remote Control for Android TV is operated by SensusTech LLC. The app provides a solution to use the TV without physical controls. As a result, your experience will be more complete and interesting. Users no longer have to worry about losing or breaking the TV remote. By all you need is already integrated in this amazing application.

Alternative apps for your remote

Have you ever had to turn your house upside down looking for the TV remote? Or helpless when the remote is broken and can’t watch TV? There are dozens of risks and inconveniences to using a physical remote.

To solve those problems, Remote Control for Android TV will be the best choice. You will no longer waste time and effort searching for a remote to be able to watch TV. With just a smartphone in hand, people can watch whatever program they want.

Manipulating and controlling on TV is now a trivial matter with Remote Control for Android. The app can completely replace your physical remote. Meanwhile, every TV viewing experience is always guaranteed. You can turn on / off, switch channels, increase / decrease the volume quickly and conveniently.

Easy to use, simple

Remote Control for Android TV owns the main interface no different from a normal remote. The buttons and keys are arranged familiar to the user. Basically, the user experience is not too different. Therefore, you can rest assured that the operation is easy and flexible.

Even controlling with this app gives a faster response than a regular remote. In addition, because the app is installed on the phone, everyone has their own TV remote. This is very convenient when the family gathers to watch TV. We won’t have to pass on a remote anymore.

Use the TV more conveniently with Remote Control for Android TV

In addition to the main interface are the buttons on the control, the application can do touchpad and keyboard. This feature is especially convenient for families using smartTVs. With it, the minutes of hovering and selecting each letter on the TV will no longer be a problem. Users can manipulate the mouse to hover the date on the phone screen. For typing, you can always do it on the app’s keyboard.

Not only that, the application also provides play / pause keys when watching Youtube or listening to music. The experience of using TV no longer tests the patience of each of us.

Smooth voice control

Are you afraid of typing in the search field? Are you in the middle of not being able to control the TV? Don’t worry, Remote Control’s voice control feature will solve the above problems. The feature supports users to search for movies, switch channels by voice.

No need to manipulate, users just need to give commands, the app will control the TV on your behalf. Search response is extremely fast. Therefore, this is a feature not to be missed on the Remote Control for Android application.

Universal control, compatible with all TV brands

Broken or lost controls cause many people headaches, especially in families with young children. At that time, the reluctant solution is to find a replacement control. However, not all drivers are easy to find. Not only that, there are remotes that are only compatible with one TV. So it will take you a lot of time to find a new remote.

Meanwhile, Remote Control for Android can be compatible with all TV rows. This is a universal controller that will solve your problem for 0 dong. Users do not have to search far, just install the app and have an alternative remote.

The mobile controller does not need to change the PIN

Not only inconvenient during use, physical controls also need to periodically change the PIN. Although PINs are not expensive, not everyone has the time to buy and replace the remote. In addition, using a lot of PINs and indiscriminate destruction will be harmful to the environment and health.

With Remote Control for Android, no pellets are thrown away. The App is installed on the phone, so it’s always ready to use.

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Download Remote Control for Android TV MOD APK latest version for Android

Remote Control for Android TV is a universal control and writing device that anyone should have. By using the app, your TV viewing experience will be much more complete and convenient.

Currently, users can download Remote Control for Android at many platforms. The download and installation process is completely free. For more peace of mind about security, you can choose to download the application right here in this article. We hope the application will bring you the best experience.

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