Cafeland – Restaurant Cooking v2.2.71 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Last updated: 28/11/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:2.2.71
MOD Info:Unlimited Money
Requires:Android 4.4+
Package:Google Play Link

Build your dream coffee shop and bring your best dishes to diners in Cafeland – Restaurant Cooking MOD APK! This simulation game is extremely light, relaxing and addictive.

Introducing Cafeland – Restaurant Cooking

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world. Therefore, it is even an indispensable drink for many people every day. So the dream of opening a coffee shop has ever appeared in your imagination? Cafeland – Restaurant Cooking will make your wish come true. This simulation game offers many tools and items needed for you to open your coffee shop and grow it bigger and bigger.

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Design and decorate the cafe

First, you will have a small cafe available. But there are only basic items in it, enough for you to make drinks and pick up a few diners. Gradually you can earn income to buy more modern items. With a menu of only tea, coffee and a few simple drinks, you certainly don’t have many customers. Try to accumulate and complete all daily tasks to quickly expand the shop.

The increased number of visitors is also the time when you need to open on a larger scale. You can start shopping for more modern equipment for your shop. Expand your seating and kitchen space to be ready to serve your guests. Decorate and design the cafe more shimmering and beautiful to create a comfortable space for guests. Your goal is to make the coffee shop 5 star quality, try it!

Thu thập những công thức nấu ăn ngon

Không chỉ bán đồ uống, bạn còn có thể bán thêm những món ăn ngon. Tại Cafeland, bạn có hàng chục món ăn khác nhau; món tráng miệng, món khai vị, đồ ăn nhanh và nhiều thứ khác. Nhờ vậy mà nó khiến đây trở thành trò chơi nhà bếp hoàn hảo. Làm chủ công việc nấu nướng và thiết kế quán cà phê 5 sao của bạn nổi tiếng hàng đầu thế giới! Điều hành nhà hàng của riêng bạn và cuốn theo cơn sốt nấu ăn. Các bữa ăn nấu tại nhà và cà phê tươi đang chờ khách hàng.

Hire staff and chefs

The number of guests is so crowded that you cannot do everything easily. Therefore, you need to hire more employees to help you serve your customers. Waiters, bartenders or top chefs are positions that you need to prioritize. After that, there will be other logistics positions such as cleaning, parking … Each position will have to pay different salaries depending on the importance. But they will always do their best to benefit your shop.

Advertise and develop the shop

It’s time for your business and management skills to be unleashed! For your shop to become famous, it is indispensable for a business strategy and an advertising strategy. First of all, you need to come up with suitable development models for the cafe. For example discounts, combos of drinks and food will be cheaper than buying individually… During the game progress, you will be introduced to more business strategies. Apply them all so that your cafe quickly grows to 5 stars.

Promote your brand to the world! Not only the scale in the city, you can open more small branches across the country. Then it is directed to neighboring countries to the whole world. Promote through the media, through social networks… to make more people known. Most importantly, you should still focus on improving the quality of service and space.

Idle feature

Even when offline, your coffee shop is still up and running. Thanks to the idle feature, you don’t have to play too much every day. Just set up the location for employees, they will work continuously all day non-stop. Each time you re-login the game, you will receive a large amount of money to build and upgrade the shop.


Cafeland – Restaurant Cooking is designed with vivid and beautiful 3D graphics. Chibi style characters are extremely cute. The objects are also close, familiar and realistic. The space and context of the cafe will make you feel comfortable and relaxed. The reason is because you can decorate the space by yourself. Along with the soft background music, I believe you will not want to leave the game.

MOD APK version of Cafeland – Restaurant Cooking

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Money

Download Cafeland – Restaurant Cooking MOD APK latest version for Android

Design your cafe world and get into cooking with Chef Eva’s restaurant game! Write your own restaurant story at Cafeland today. Run your own restaurant and deliver delicious food and fresh coffee to your customers. From a small coffee shop to a luxurious place with 5-star quality. This place is for you, business enthusiasts!

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