Lily’s Garden v2.85.2 Mod APK (Unlimited Stars/Coins)

Last updated: 11/12/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:2.85.2
MOD Info:Unlimited Stars/Coins
Publisher:Tactile Games
Package:Google Play Link

Join the game Lily’s Garden and help Lily renovate the garden left by her aunt. Earn a lot of money by solving match-3 puzzles so you can expand and redecorate the garden. In particular, you will discover an extremely romantic love story. Get to work right away!

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Introduce the game Lily’s Garden

When you look at the name of the game, you may have imagined your job. Right! You are here to help Lily renovate the garden. Lily’s Garden is a match-3 puzzle game combining simulation and extremely attractive decoration. Going deeper, you will discover many romantic love plots. With countless other features, this game will surely bring you many interesting experiences.

Enjoy the storyline

Lily’s Garden is not simply playing, but the uniqueness lies in the fascinating storylines. The main plot in the game is about the garden that Lily’s aunt loved so much. But since she passed away, it has been left unattended. It gradually turned to rubble and weeds sprouted everywhere. Now go, now that Lily has grown up, she is determined to restore the garden to its former state. Will you give her a hand!

You will also meet cute neighbors living around. Chat and interact with them, you will hear countless different stories. Even pets in the house have something they want to share. Please listen and help everyone to make life more fun.

Finally, the plot that many players love the most is the romantic love story. This is a deeply hidden story and you need to expand many locations to be able to explore them all. So whose secret is it? Is it beautiful, romantic love or just the diary of a one-sided lover? Find out the answer to the above question!

Match-3 puzzle

To complete your design idea, you need a lot of money. And the only way in this game can earn money is by solving match-3 puzzles. Move flowers of the same color to destroy the required items in the field. Try to create long combos to accumulate more scores. The rewards will be extremely valuable if you get a high score.

However, nothing is easy! The higher the level, the more difficult the task will be. The time is less and the number of tasks increases, making players always have to be cautious in every step. Fortunately, you will have powerful support items. But they are not many, so you should only use them when absolutely necessary. Many players have complained about the high difficulty of this game. If you are someone who likes challenges, that difficulty will be an inspiration for you to spend some time thinking. Success is ultimately the reward you deserve.

Renovating and decorating the garden

Feel free to design, build and decorate your garden the way you want. In this Lily’s Garden game, you will have a lot of areas that can be renovated. For example: the facade of the house, the fountain, the old lake, the beehive and the dog house… Every small place in this large piece of land you can influence. Once completed, you will see a shimmering, colorful garden. It’s the most peaceful setting you can give Lily.

During the renovation of the garden, you will come across many hidden secrets. To find out exactly what it is, you need to complete the quest. This quest isn’t a puzzle, it’s a garden-related job. Completing quests not only helps you to discover secrets, but also has many valuable rewards.

Finally, the decoration to create a beautiful space. You can choose from a wide range of accessories in the store. Each location will have its own accessories for you to choose from. As for the decoration, it is entirely up to you to create and design.

The game is suitable for entertainment and relaxation

In addition to being a fun and beautifully designed game, Lily’s Garden is also a great way to relax! Take a break from your stressful activities and take a moment to immerse yourself in the peaceful world of the beautiful garden. You will be pleased to revive the old garden for Lily. Working alongside Lily and many other animal friends also brings endless laughter and fun. You will also experience a real love story with your neighbors and meet a lot of lovely characters along your journey.


Lily’s Garden is like a landscape painting created by a talented artist. All characters, objects, backgrounds… in the game are completely hand-drawn. Without using any graphic design tools, you can easily notice the softness in this game. The images are designed to be close, friendly characters bring a sense of peace and relaxation to the player. In particular, the eye-catching explosion effects of flowers in match-3 puzzle mode will delight you. Combined with the clear, gentle sound of country music, Lily’s Garden is truly a game of entertainment.

MOD APK version of Lily’s Garden

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Money and Stars: They will increase as you use them

Reviews from users

We would love to see reviews from people who have experienced this game. That way you can see how great this game is. Here are some reviews on Google Play:

“The game is good, the graphics are beautiful, the way the characters evolve and the dialogue is also fun. But the game level is too difficult, I think the game everyone should make the level easier because that way the player will be longer. “

“I honestly say that the game is very good, very suitable for entertainment. Especially the graphics are so beautiful, bringing closeness and familiarity to me”

“The story is light, attractive, the interface is beautiful. In my spare time, I enjoy playing the game, like living in that beautiful space ^^ thk for all”

“Hope the publisher will update more puzzles soon! The game is so good that I play all the puzzles once. I really like the plot and graphics in this game. Good Job, 5 stars!”

“The game is so great! I have no complaints about the content and graphics of this game. The only problem is that there are too few hearts. Only 5 hearts per day, use all of them and wait for time. If I could give more, I would vote 5 stars.”

“The game is good, but I don’t know what the money in the game does. I see money but mainly used it for decoration. Can someone tell me what to use the money for?”

Download Lily’s Garden MOD APK for Android

Through experience, we found that Lily’s Garden is a great game. It is perfect from plot, gameplay to graphics. In particular, this game also brings entertainment and relaxation to any player. This is a game that is highly rated on gaming and entertainment forums. Simply because it’s good, steaming, and extremely healthy. Free of harmful content, Lily’s Garden is suitable for all ages. Such a great game, there’s no reason for you to miss it. Start your journey now by downloading the file below!

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