My Mini Mart v1.18.45 Mod APK (Free Shopping)

Last updated: 12/12/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:1.18.45
MOD Info:Free Shopping
Requires:Android 5.1+
Publisher:Supersonic Studios LTD
Package:Google Play Link

Build your own commodity business chain in My Mini Mart MOD APK now! This simulation game creates you a mini mart to sell your own grown foods.

Introducing My Mini Mart

My Mini Mart is a modern and highly realistic simulation game. Have you ever thought of opening a mini supermarket chain? Moreover, the products in it are completely grown and taken care of by you. These two main jobs will link together to give you an attractive and interesting gameplay. In addition, many important challenges are set for you to conquer and quickly have a lot of money. Supersonic Studios LTD has created an incredibly cool and realistic game!

Food production

Embark on your journey by growing your first food crops. You can grow organic crops, essential foods, and more variety later on. Any kind of food can be grown on your farm. Therefore, you can satisfy all the buying needs of your customers. However, you cannot easily grow all types of plants. Some crops will be locked and you need money or quests to unlock them. Grow, care for and harvest agricultural products like a real farmer and deliver it to where it is needed.

In addition, you can also raise familiar animals such as chickens, cows or pigs. These animals will have their own specific life cycle. For example, a chicken can only lay eggs 5 times and then it will die. Cows or pigs too, they will have their own time and you need to constantly buy new. Eggs and meats are easy to sell and in high demand, so you need to focus on them.

Open your first mini supermarket

Find a suitable place in the city to open your first branch. The process of construction and construction is extremely simple and fast. You just need to come up with an idea for the supermarket and arrange and arrange the stalls. Construction sites will need to be prioritized in crowded places. Customers coming to the supermarket will be even more crowded if you choose the perfect location. In the beginning, you will have to do a lot of promotion to let more people know about your high quality product.

Branch expansion

When everything is in its proper place, you will have a huge amount of capital. At that time, you can completely think about expanding the branch. But first, you need to make sure your farm can provide enough agricultural products. I think you should focus on expanding the farm first to have a large supply. Besides, you can also unlock new and more advanced agricultural products. Expanding the farm also gives you space to raise fish, herd sheep or do anything else.

Next is the opening of more branches for your mini supermarket. Once your brand has gained popularity, it is completely understandable to build more mini-marts. Then, you don’t need to do many other promotional or communication campaigns. Customers will constantly come to buy and bring you unimaginable economic resources. Becoming a rich boss means that you will assert your business talent.


Your job is to run and strategize your brand. As for jobs such as planting and harvesting agricultural products, selling or cleaning, you can completely hire employees. When there are many branches, it is imperative to have many support staff. Therefore, you need to hire people with expertise and arrange them to do right with your forte. These employees can work tirelessly and complete all assigned tasks well. Even when you are offline, the work can still be continued by their enthusiastic way of working.

Light, cheerful graphics

My Mini Mart is not a game with beautiful graphics. I also easily recognize it when looking at the introductory images on google play. However, when entering the game, the images in it bring a sense of lightness and comfort. No need for realistic graphics or a combination of eye-catching effects, My Mini Mart brings simplicity but is still attractive by its own features. The items in the game are also quite similar to real life for players to identify. The funny and cute images in the game often make you laugh.

MOD APK version of My Mini Mart

MOD feature

  • Free Shopping: Free purchases with real money (requires Internet and authorization in Google services).

Download My Mini Mart MOD APK latest version for Android

In summary, My Mini Mart is a light and attractive entertainment game. Without playing too much, you can still speed up your progress through the idle feature. Its simple yet addictive graphics and gameplay make you unable to take your eyes off the screen. My Mini Mart has many features, this diversity is created by everyday, familiar ideas. Fulfill your business dream right now by downloading this game via the link below!

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