Code Name : Romance Story Game v1.5.2 Mod APK (Free Premium Choices)

Last updated: 27/11/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.5.2
MOD Info:Free Premium Choices
Requires:Android 5.1+
Package:Google Play Link

Code Name : Romance Story Game MOD APK is a simulation game playing in the familiar visual novel style, allowing you to discover fascinating stories.

Introducing Code Name : Romance Story Game

This game has just been released by As you probably already know, this is a game company that is quite famous for its visual novel game genre. We have introduced many of their games like Killing Kiss, Dangerous Fellows, Darling Pet, Love Pheromone… Most of those games are developed by Lucy Dream, while is only in charge of publishing. . And the game Code Name : Romance Story Game introduced in this article is still a product created by the two units mentioned above. It continues to be an engaging simulation game with a unique storyline for you to explore.

Enjoy many thrilling stories

Join the game Code Name : Romance Story Game, you will enjoy many different stories. The plot in the game is built quite long, divided into many different chapters. In each chapter are stories with new content for you to learn. Those stories have many themes such as love, hatred, mystery, etc. You get to play the role of the main characters to explore the plot through each small story.

Main character system

  • Adam: he is the head of Hades. He is a dangerous man but has a charming appearance that makes all of them mesmerized.
  • Dante: a man of considerable power, the commanding officer of Zeus. He is more of an MC protector than anyone else.
  • Owen: A mysterious man, an agent with unpredictable missions. He keeps quite a few secrets.
  • Aria: the villain in this game with unusual charm. He surprised everyone by confessing to the MC.

Your choice determines everything

While exploring the plot, you must make your own decisions. You can understand that you are playing your way, being given choices according to your thoughts. That way, you can enjoy the content of the game to the fullest. Each situation, the game gives you 2,3 or more options for you to choose. Like other otome games, after each choice, the plot will change in a new direction that you can’t predict in advance.

The game has a total of more than 200 different choices. Like I said, after each choice, the plot changes according to your choice. That shows how big the content of this game is. You will have many different options to make your decision. And of course, if you want a good ending, you have to choose carefully.

Surprise ending

It is also because you have so many different choices that make the plot change so the ending of this game is unpredictable. Your choices will directly affect the ending of the plot. So there are many different endings that are pre-arranged in this game. Whether the game has a happy ending or not depends entirely on how you play.

MOD APK version of Code Name : Romance Story Game

MOD feature

  • Free Premium Choices

Download Code Name : Romance Story Game MOD APK latest version for Android

The gameplay and illustrations in the game Code Name : Romance Story Game have not changed compared to the games previously released by Of course, that is not boring for players. The attraction of visual novel games is the content and plot. And this game definitely won’t let you down!

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