Pierced by Love v3.1.11 Mod APK (Free Premium Choices)

Last updated: 21/06/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:3.1.11
MOD Info:Free Premium Choices
Publisher:Genius Yaoi Studio
Package:Google Play Link

Pierced by Love will bring you a romantic love story. In the Kyudo club, you will meet countless different characters. This is an interactive game with a plot, you can change the ending to your liking. What will you learn in the Kyudo club? Will you find true love there? Join Pierced by Love and you will find the answer. Our MOD APK version will help you unlock premium options.

Genius is a unit specializing in the production of interactive games like Pierced by Love. We have also featured many of their other game here.

Introduce game Pierced by Love

The visual novel game genre always brings many interesting storylines to players. Besides, you can also interact directly with the plot. In the game Pierced by Love, you will be transported to a whole new world. Your mission is to save the Kyudo club from the attack of a mysterious force. Your decisions can change the direction of the wind, be wise in each situation!


Since childhood, you have had a strong passion for archery. You train hard day and night with the desire to join a prestigious club. While attending Imagawa College, you happened to know that there is a Kyudo club in it. In particular, your childhood idol is also there. Without hesitation, you made up your mind to join that club…

After many attempts to pass the tests, you have finally been admitted. Thought you would live out the rest of your good days with the club, but things didn’t go so well. Behind the curtain of fame are dark secrets that threaten to disrupt your club and your budding relationship. Hard fighting and love, you will have to balance them in this crucial time. Can you succeed?


Going with the flow of the plot, you need to make important choices. Based on the characters’ dialogue, you will understand the specific development of the plot. After each situation, you will be presented with 2 to 3 different options. Each choice takes the story along a separate branch. Therefore, your task is to make rational and informed choices. Of course, as long as you like, you can choose any option. How you end up in the end depends on your decisions.


Ito – Prodigy

He is a unique talent that is highly appreciated in the kyudo world. Someone who has struggled with the pressure and expectations placed on him. Ito has fallen out of love with the sport, and is looking for a reason to leave. The reason why he gave up is probably no one knows. When everything around him falls apart, who will be there to pick up the pieces of his heart?

Goichi – Senpai is easygoing

Likeable and popular, Goichi makes your first day at the club easy. It seems he is struggling with the weight of his new role as club captain. Despite being an outgoing and friendly guy, the problems he keeps inside are about to explode… What is it, come and make him boldly share his reasons!

Yamaguchi – Decisive Marker

Bold and proud, Yamaguchi despairs as he watches the kyudo club collapse. Originally a member, his affections for the club deteriorated over time, leading him to lead the fight against the famous organization. Can this be reconciled, or will he forever hold a grudge in his heart?

Game interface

No need for over-the-top graphics, Pierced by Love still makes players unable to take their eyes off the screen. The main interface of the game is the image of the characters and their dialogue lines. The characters do not move, but under the talented hands of the artists, they can still show a variety of expressions. That way, you can more easily get into the story. Appropriate background music, flexibly changing in each situation will emphasize the climax scenes, creating drama for the plot.

MOD APK version of Pierced by Love

MOD feature

  • Free Premium Choices: We’ve unlocked all premium picks, you don’t need to spend RUBY to open them.

Download Pierced by Love MOD APK for Android

Like many previous versions of Genius Studio Japan, Pierced by Love also offers a compelling plot to the last minute. In addition to the drama in the adventure plot, you also experience the romance in this game. Who to love, what to do is up to you, because this is an interactive game, you can change it. Download the game now at the link below, you will begin your journey.

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