Spotify Lite v1.9.0.10107 Mod APK (Premium Unlocked)

Last updated: 21/02/2022 (2 years ago)

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MOD Info:Premium Unlocked
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Download Spotify Lite MOD APK so you can experience a lighter and smoother version of Spotify’s music streaming app. This version is small in size, you will save network data when launching songs. Compared to the mainstream Spotify version, it has more advantages and also has a few disadvantages. Join us to learn more about it!

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Introducing Spotify Lite

As you know, Spotify is the leading online music listening platform today. It is favored by users all over the world for its outstanding features. However, this application has a capacity of about 100MB, quite heavy compared to other applications. Therefore, the Spotify developer has released the Spotify Lite version to make it easier for users to experience. This version was released a long time ago, also a lot of users favored.

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Listen to free music with Spotify Lite

There are still basic features of Spotify

As the most popular music store today, Spotify shows that it is the best music listening platform in the world. Therefore, even the Spotify Lite version has been reduced, but still has outstanding features, even superior to other platforms.

You will still enjoy Spotify’s huge music store. Huge content repository of this application collected from many music platforms around the world. Therefore, you will easily find your favorite songs. In addition to the wide variety of languages, you can enjoy your favorite foreign music. And it is evident that all songs in Spotify Lite are copyrighted, high quality music.

Many people believe that this version will not be updated with new content as quickly as the original. But in fact, newly added content is available in both versions. Thanks to that, you will not miss any trending songs, new songs.

Summary of basic features of Spotify Lite

  • Enjoy the largest music store today according to your tastes
  • Select the song according to your favorite theme, genre or singer
  • Discover new music added regularly
  • Listen to music in the playlist just for you
  • Lightweight application with only 15MB, quick installation
  • Keep track of your memory and data
  • Works on all Android phones
  • Works on all network conditions such as 3G, 4G, wifi, …
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Quick update of new songs

Spotify Lite is more compact

As the name implies, Spotify Lite has been scaled down to suit users’ needs. This version is only 15MB, much smaller than the original. (15MB compared to 100MB). Thanks to that, you can easily download and use on most devices without worrying about lacking memory capacity.

Comes with a small capacity, you have to trade some things, which are a few basic features. It has removed some features of the original, so it may not have a good experience as the original. However, if you only need to listen to music online, then this application still meets the needs for you.

A few disadvantages of Spotify Lite

The first downside that many people are not happy about this application is the Premium version. The premium version of Spotify Lite does not have as impressive features as the original Spotify version. As in the original, after using the Premium package, you can create a playlist and play the previously selected songs. But with the Spotify Lite version, you don’t get that feature. Even when upgrading to Spotify Lite Premium, you still have to listen in mixing mode.

Another drawback of this application is that there is no feature You will not be able to listen to music with the highest quality and there will be no Spotify Connect feature, meaning that it will not be able to play music from this device to the device. be different.

Spotify Lite MOD 444x788
Spotify Lite saves your internet data

New feature

Even Spotify Lite version is updated regularly with new version to increase user experience. In the latest update, this application has fixed some small bugs of the old version. At the same time, it has also improved stability when in use. If you have any problem with this application, you can contact [email protected] for support.

MOD APK version of Spotify Lite

MOD feature

  • Premium Unlocked

Although the Lite version, but Spotify Lite still offers a Premium package for users. And of course, this premium plan still costs a monthly fee to use. The problem is that this Premium version is not impressive, it does not have many outstanding features compared to Spotify Premium as mentioned above. Therefore, many users expressed dissatisfaction about this application. If you want to experience this version for free, you can still choose our Spotify Lite MOD APK file. This version has unlocked all premium features for you to use.


Is Spotify Lite better than the original version?

Each version has its strengths and weaknesses in common. But in our opinion, Spotify Lite is still better overall. In addition to keeping the same basic features, it is also lighter and consumes less of your network data.

I subscribe to Spotify’s Premium plan, can I use Spotify Lite?

Are not. These are 2 completely different versions, with no connection at all. Therefore, the subscription plan and the subscription content are also different. If you have a Premium subscription with Spotify, use it until it expires before switching to Spotify Lite.

Where can I get Spotify Lite’s Premium plan for free?

It’s very easy, you just need to download our Spotify Lite MOD APK version – to your phone. Then install it and experience This version has been permanently unlocked Premium package, you do not need to pay subscription or renewal costs, feel free to use.

How does Spotify Lite use network data?

Depending on the quality of the song you choose, different amounts of data will be consumed. With basic quality will be 12MB/hour, medium quality is 24MB/hour and high quality is 75MB/hour. This is quite a low level compared to when you listen at mainstream Spotify.

Reviews from users

What’s better and worse for Spotify Lite than its original? Previous users will give you a closer look at the most genuine reviews.

“This app is great! I use it literally every day. Also I can create my own playlists, the music quality is amazing. But it would be better if you could actually reduce advertising a bit? Take it as a request…”

“Actually, I really like this app. But the only problem with this app for me is that when I shuffle and play songs, only some of the songs are playing continuously in the playlist. I hope you fix this problem!”

“This app is better than Spotify. It uses less memory, the same features as the original Spotify, no annoying ads and very convenient to use. I love it!”

“Thanks so much for this app, I love it! Just missing some songs but now they’re all there. The combination of rafi and kishore and arijit and all that. I can relax feel free to listen to your favorite songs while exercising every morning Wow!!! That feels great!”

“This is a great app, this lighter version will show less ads than the main version. And this lighter version eats less data than the main version and provides great quality music. . I’m happy with it”

Download Spotify Lite MOD APK for Android

If your device can’t use the original Spotify version, select Spotify Lite right away. Because this compact version has most of the basic features of the original. And the most important thing is the small application size. As a result, it will not take up much space on your phone, and does not consume much battery when used. Immediately following will be the link to download the Spotify Lite MOD APK app for you.

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