Boom: Music Player v2.7.5 Mod APK (Premium Unlocked)

Last updated: 06/10/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:2.7.5
MOD Info:Premium Unlocked
Requires:Android 50+
Publisher:Global Delight Technology
Genre:Music - Audio
Package:Google Play Link

Boom: Music Player MOD APK brings you the ultimate music world. In addition to the diverse sound quality and music store, the fanciful 3D effect in the playback interface also attracts a lot of users. But obviously high-quality sound is what users care about, and Boom: Music Player has done it very well!

Introduce about Boom: Music Player

Boom: Music Player is a perfect and quality music player. We believe it can replace the default music player on your phone. Immerse yourself in the fanciful 3D music world, Boom: Music Player brings you moments of ultimate relaxation. Not only can you feel it with your ears, but you can also feel it with your eyes through vivid and beautiful interfaces. That’s just a few of the many amazing features you can experience in this app!

Boom: Music Player APK 444x789
Play music from library, Spotify, Tidal

Diverse music store

The minimum must-have of a music player is the vast music store. Boom: Music Player too, you can seem to find any song in it. From classical music to the present, Pop, Ballad, Rap… or any music in the world. This application also always updates the hottest songs on the world chart. Like no other app, you can find and download your favorite music here.

Not only listening to music online, you can also experience 20,000+ Radios and 20,000+ Podcasts worldwide. That is the strength of this application compared to competitors. Tune in to your audio channels and feel it with passion. Boom: Music Player confidently brings you to the world of top music.

Magical 3D sound quality

This application uses extremely unique 3D sound technology. You can easily feel when playing any song. The sound produced is different and very catchy, different from the usual music player. It extracts spatial cues from your music to display them in three dimensions. You will have an extremely powerful listening experience.

Boom sound: Music Player works best when you wear headphones. Indeed, the audio output propagates to the 2 ends of the headset, giving you the best experience of its 3D sound quality. Now, the music will give you goosebumps because it’s too good to play on this application.

Boom: Music Player MOD 444x789
System-wide FX effects customization

Stream Spotify and TIDAL with Boom: Music Player

The application can also act as a media player. It can play all your songs on Spotify and Tidal. Through Boom, the music will be much more attractive with 3D sound technology. Obviously, this will be more convenient when you don’t have to find your favorite music store again. However, this feature requires users to subscribe to Premium.

Customize the tone presets

Boom: Music Player equips itself with a manual Equalizer 22 installer. It makes your music more colorful. This is a fairly well-known manual audio tuning technology, and currently very few applications can be applied. Furthermore, you can create your own Equalizer settings. Based on the 8-band equalizer in the application, you can create more unique settings and easily mix.

This app also provides you with unique sound effects. You can play music with catchy effects to make it more attractive. Apply customized EQ presets, Virtualiser effects, and system-wide loudness. Obviously, this application has many ways to make music more colorful.

Nice interface

Boom: Music Player has a nice and easy to use interface that is simple and intuitive. The magical 3D images appearing on the music playback interface are extremely eye-catching and colorful. This increases the attractiveness of each song played on Boom. Extremely user-friendly, Boom is easy to use despite its complex features. Each feature has specific instructions, so it is suitable for first-time music players. In general, Boom brings perfection in the interface and is highly appreciated.

Boom: Music Player Premium 444x789
Experience immersive 3D sound

Boom: Music Player Premium

Boom’s free version is also perfect and worth using. It makes a lot of difference compared to listening to music in a normal music player. However, to be even more perfect, you need to subscribe to the Premium package. For just over $7/year, you can experience all of Boom’s premium features. Specifically :

  • 3D surround sound with preset EQ
  • Stream music from Spotify, Tidal, Google Drive & Dropbox on Boom
  • Experience over 40,000 Radios and Podcasts
  • Remove ads
  • Full system audio FX experience

Boom will give you a 7-day Premium trial. During that time, you can experience all the premium features. I’m sure it will be easy for you to decide whether to subscribe to Premium after the subscription expires.

MOD APK version of Boom: Music Player

MOD features

  • Premium Unlocked

We – REDMOD.CO want to bring you a completely free experience. Boom: Music Player MOD APK version has pre-unlocked Premium subscription. You don’t need to pay for subscription or renewal, just download and experience it for free forever.

Reviews from users

Let’s see how users of Boom: Music Player rate this application!

“I’ve always used Boom to listen to music, I have to say it’s very good. I like the EQ effect that this application brings. It makes every song much more attractive. From the iOS version to Android, I still see this awesome Boom.”

“This is one of the best music applications I know. Listening to songs through Boom is much better than usual, very catchy. The price of the Premium version is also very cheap, so I also bought to support the publisher. Even the Pro version is not much different from the free version because I don’t use those features!”

“The best music booster right now, I bought the Premium version forever. Actually I feel listening to music on Boom is much better. It would be better if we can change more skins/themes of the application interface.”

“Thank you so much for such a great app! Since Boom, I have no intention of looking for another music player. I would appreciate it more if the publisher could consider polishing the delivery. user interface a bit to make it really like a smooth music player. Thanks for your interest!”

“It’s great that I can combine Spotify with Boom! These are my 2 favorite apps so far. The music played through Boom has really been enhanced, it’s much better. I love the EQ effect, it creates very unique melodies. Really this app has become indispensable for me every morning”

Download Boom: Music Player MOD APK for Android

Boom: Music Player is the perfect choice if you are looking for a quality music player. It brings satisfaction to users from sound to interface. With Boom, you’re always living in the world of top-notch music like never before. This amazing music player offers amazing 3D sound quality like you have never experienced before. Let Boom: Music Player prove to you, what great music is like!

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