Smule v11.5.9 Mod APK (VIP Unlocked)

Last updated: 25/11/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:11.5.9
MOD Info:VIP Unlocked
Genre:Music - Audio
Package:Google Play Link

Smule – Online karaoke application for those who are passionate about singing. Not only singing alone, you can duet with friends around the world. Below is the Smule MOD APK version, you can consider using.

Introducing the Smule app

Demand for Karaoke is gradually increasing and singing rooms are also growing a lot. But not everyone can afford to go to such places because of its high cost. Therefore, Smule was officially born, this is an online singing application on social networks. Now, not only singing alone, you can also sing with many other people around the world.

After several years of release, Smule has received more than 100 million downloads from users around the world. And so far, the number of downloads of this app from Google Play is still increasing. With Smule, users can sing and create music with friends and fans around the world. It allows you to sing solo or duet with people around the globe, even singing duets with great artists like Ed Sheeran and Luis Fonsi. Smule is really a great music app, you will definitely enjoy using it.

Satisfy your passion for music

Smule owns an extremely large music store. From legendary songs from many years ago to today’s hot songs, it’s all on Smule. And the system of the application is constantly updated with the latest content. All HIP POP and Ballad songs or classic songs are updated.

There is also a genre of music that a lot of people love that is Soundtrack. It’s great to sing the soundtrack of the movie that I love. All songs have the same music and lyrics as the original, and counting 3s before entering the song makes it easy to catch up with. With Smule, you can satisfy your passion for singing anywhere, anytime.

Eye-catching effects

You can add more appeal to your recordings with amazing visual effects. Smoke, bubbles or fireflies will make the recording stand out more. Not only focusing on sound quality, an eye-catching recording will impress viewers. This also shows your professionalism in products. By doing these well, you will most likely gain great interest from the Smule community.

Ability as a recording studio

The app is like a portable recording studio, using special voice effects and video filters to change pitch, add reverb, auto-record and create smoothness. Thanks to that, your voice will be automatically edited for better listening, correcting audio errors when singing. Even people who are not gifted with singing can get great products thanks to Smule.

Many interesting features

You can create a private theater on Smule to sing with your friends. Not only that, you can create a random room so anyone can come in and sing with you. Both satisfy his passion for singing, and make new friends not only domestically but also internationally.

You can sing solo, live or you can sing a duet as you like. Record your performance to create a unique music video. Smule also integrates audio filters to make your sound better, more professional. The score feature is also integrated to make Karaoke more attractive. If the song you love is not in the collection, upload the Songbook section in Smule.

A duet with famous artist

This is definitely a feature that many people are interested in. Now you can perform the song with world-famous artists. They will pre-record their lyrics, then leave your part blank. Simply like that, you have a unique duet product to show off to your friends. Top artists include: Shawn Mendes, Jason Derulo, Train, Nick Jonas, Charlie Puth, James Arthur, Jessie J and many others. Choose any artist, you will get all the songs that you can duet with.

Connect with friends

Another cool feature of Smule is that it gives you the ability to find and follow your friends. Thereby, you will meet talented singers from all over the world. You can also join groups with people who love songs or singers or genres. And you will show your voice to friends who share a passion for singing. If possible, put on some of the hottest songs right now, you’ll be famous.


Sharing your music talents and interests on social networking sites is easy. Enjoy your solo songs with family, friends or many others.

Summary of main features

  • Enjoy your passion for singing
  • Choose how to sing live or record and edit with professional vocal editing tools
  • Diverse song store up to tens of millions of songs on many different topics
  • Professional sound, studio effects make your contacts more professional
  • Record and edit voice at any time, make up unique videos
  • Edit the video you sing from the available filters
  • Add visual effects, like smoke, balloons and fireflies, to make your videos more vivid
  • Share your music with Smule or other social networks
  • Post your songs on the Smule Songbook for other singers to perform
    Duet with famous singers around the world with recordings available. For example: Shawn Mendes, Jason Derulo, Train, Nick Jonas, Charlie Puth, James Arthur, Jessie J, …
  • The system scores each time you sing
  • Customize your profile page
  • Save your favorite songs to sing whenever

New feature

Latest Version: 9.0.5 (Updated on October 14th)

After the latest update is released, the basic errors you encountered from old friends have been fixed. However, there’s still a low chance you will get some minor bugs. But you can rest assured, those errors are rare and only need to update the new version. In addition, the Smule application is adding new content, new songs. Therefore, you do not miss any new popular songs. If you have problems or contribute to Smule, please message them at:

Or their social media sites like:

MOD APK version of Smule

MOD feature

Some features in Smule will be limited. Therefore, you need to upgrade to a VIP member to use it. But with Smule MOD version, you can experience all those features for free. More specifically, the ad will not appear during use.

Installation Instructions

  • Download the free Smule MOD APK file from the link below this article.
  • Only when downloading at REDMOD can you get the safe file and the fastest download speed
  • Uninstall the original you installed from Google Play (if you did install it)
  • Open the downloaded APK file to install, the system will automatically install in a moment
  • Grant some access to the system
  • Finally, you can enjoy singing with this application

Note: In order not to miss any new features, you need to install the latest Smule version. We are always working every day to bring the latest and latest updates. So, visit every day to follow Smule and other applications!


How much is Smule’s VIP subscription price?

The app currently has 50 million monthly users according to CNET’s interview with CEO Jeff Smith. Furthermore, two million of them are paying for VIP membership renewal. Its price is $ 19.99 a month to access a wider catalog of songs to sing, among other payment options.

Does Smule use Auto Tune?

Users can customize and create presets of their AutoTune settings for later use. They can customize the level to suit their voice. Proper adjustment will also help them sing better while still retain their true voice.

How can I get VIP experience for free?

You can still experience Smule exclusive songs without a VIP subscription. You can sing duet songs of which part has been sung by VIP Members.

Is Smule safe?

Smule is a music app so users will think it’s safe. However, when you get too popular on Smule’s forums, you will get harassing and annoying messages. Therefore, if your child uses Smule, check it often to avoid risks later.

Reviews from users

“This app is very good. I hope the developer can add more later – download the posted music to my phone, I am very satisfied with the developer now.”

“Too good! VIP is also too affordable for students like me. Using android with fast / slow voice tuning to match the music. It takes a while, but it doesn’t matter. Because most of me sing the music. so always choose smule “

“Nice app! But on the ios app, I sing with my voice singing to my phone and on Android I can’t hear me singing to my headset. I hope the admin will support me”

“Good app but if you want to sing your favorite song you need a VIP account because it is very difficult for me. I cannot create a VIP account. This is a good application, admin must ask the payment plan, why each account is After the login account has not become a VIP, why do I need to register to download a VIP account “

“If when the recording is finished … when the tone is out of tune, you should adjust to the” vocal out of synics? “Section. Slowing down to the right is slow, and the left is fast. If you see too little sound, then what adjust the high and low pitch of the voice (the microphone). Assuming it is still not as loud as you want, when singing, put your hand on your phone and bring the microphone of the earphone near your mouth to record loud “

Download Smule MOD APK for Android

With Smule unleash your passion for singing. Show your personality and style to relatives or friends in the world. Smule is really the best music app, best suited for music lovers. Download and install to experience with us in the link below.

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