Textra SMS v4.72 Mod APK (MOD Unlocked)

Last updated: 11/12/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:4.72
MOD Info:MOD Unlocked
Package:Google Play Link

Refresh the look of your messaging with Textra SMS. You can subscribe to the Pro package of this app to experience all the features. And with our Textra SMS Pro APK version, everything is completely free for you.

If you have problems with this app, please use an app similar to Chomp SMS.

Introduce about Textra SMS

Tired of the default Android SMS theme? Looking for something new and eye-catching? So today, let us present to you a wonderful application called Textra SMS. The app is similar to the default messaging system, but has a good look and lots of great features. Textra SMS will replace and become your number one choice. Let’s dig deeper with us to discover this incredibly convenient application!

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Many great features

Not only is the ordinary messaging app, but Textra SMS also has many powerful features. Customize light / dark and night modes, slide to call, snap camera. In particular, the stop when sending feature helps you immediately cancel messages that you accidentally click sent when you have not finished composing. Collection of more than 100 important design themes, app icon colors and bubbles.

Textra SMS can help you remember voice and send voice messages. You can also block or blacklist your unwanted contacts. Thousands of emojis and GIF files help diversify your messages. Set up quick reply window for more convenience while texting. In the future, the publisher will integrate more excellent MMS GROUP messaging feature.

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You can customize theme colors, color bubbles to your liking. Customize your interface, create a new and eye-catching look. You can also create your own default signature after each message, creating your own style. For each contact, you can customize the notification color, LED, sound, vibration, reminder … In particular, you can set up an avatar for your favorite contacts. Every time they call you, their avatar will appear on the screen. It’s interesting, isn’t it!


Currently, Textra SMS is compatible with most Android devices. In addition, Textra SMS also completely supports dual sim. Your device only needs to be Android 5.1 or above, you can absolutely use 2 sims at the same time.

More new emojis

In addition to the icons available in the phone, you will get a wide variety of icons. Get all (3000+) latest Android, Twitter, JoyPixels & iOS style emojis. Just choose your favorite emoji style and express yourself. Refreshing your message content will also help you make fun of others.

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Application interface

Right at the main screen of the interface, you will see a list of all your messages. Above the toolbar there is also a search section that allows you to quickly find important messages. You can search by sender or by phone number. Next to it is the Menu with a 3-dot icon. Inside contains all the features you have. If you subscribe to the Pro plan it will show more features. There, you can optionally change any of the settings. This minimalism and intelligence makes Textra SMS extremely user-friendly.

Textra SMS Pro

You cannot use all the features of Textra SMS if you only use its free version. Some features will be limited and you cannot unlock it without a Pro subscription. The Pro version is for those who want a more advanced experience. Because the free version is enough if you just want to change the interface and add some basic features. Currently, the subscription price is around $3.99 and will vary by region. This price is not too expensive for what it brings. If you love this app, don’t hesitate to subscribe to Pro to enhance your experience.

What’s in Textra SMS Latest Version?

This application is constantly updating with new features to provide the best user experience. In this latest update, Textra SMS has more features:

  • Textra is now backed up automatically using the built-in Google Backup service. It makes it easy to swap devices or uninstall/reinstall without losing your settings and any of your customizations. Supported from Android 6.
  • Compliant with Google’s recently enforced API 30 requirements

Pro APK version of Textra SMS

All the features of Textra SMS are forever free, but not completely. Some features will be limited or only used for 14 days. Therefore, you need to upgrade to the Pro plan to fully unlock all features. And if you want to get the free Pro plan, then use our Textra SMS Pro APK. In this version, the Pro package is permanently unlocked, you do not need to pay for monthly renewal. Ads are also completely removed by us, avoiding annoying sessions during use. In addition, this version has many other unique features such as:

  • All premium features of Pro version unlocked
  • Unwanted permissions have been disabled, you do not need to consent;
  • Optimize graphics and interface to make the application smaller, easy to download and install;
  • Permissions / Services / Advertising Providers have been removed from Android.manifest;
  • Link ads and layouts have been removed;
  • Google Play Store installation package check is disabled;
  • Removed debug code;
  • Remove the default .source tag names of the respective java files;
  • Analytics/Crashlytics is disabled;
  • No active trackers or ads;
  • AOSP compatibility mode;
  • Multi-language, suitable for worldwide users;
  • Changed original package signature;
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Download Textra SMS MOD APK at Redmod.co

Reviews from users

Referring to the reviews of people who have used it is a way for you to have the best overview of the pros and cons of this application:

“I really like the features of this app, the color options, the notification icon options are all great! But the frequent ‘failure to deliver’ on messages as small as 2 words really pisses me off! frustrating. I checked my Android settings and everything is set up just like the Textra files say they should be.”

“This is a great messaging app. Much better in my opinion than Google’s bundled messaging app. Has almost everything I want (I guess you can’t have it all with any app). which use).”

“If there was an archive folder, this would be 5 stars. Messages has that and I miss it. Sometimes I want to archive something for later reference or sometimes I don’t want to see it. “

“Great app I’ve been using for a while. Would have rated 5 stars except for the fact that for some reason on my Samsung S21 you can’t change the vibration pattern for text messages. coming through the app and the app doesn’t recognize when you change the vibration pattern for notifications via your settings.”

“I had to go back and change my star rating to 5 because the tech support when needed was amazing. I love this app, used it for a few days and switched to my default text app. I’m still learning it, but now that we’ve explained how to forward messages to an existing group chat, I love it. Thanks to Textra Tech Jason, for getting me up and running. I really recommend this messaging app.”

“Great messaging app. It has more features than the standard Google messenger.”

Download Textra SMS Pro APK (MOD Unlocked) for Android

Goodbye to Android device’s stale default messaging system. Now you can text and communicate with a new look. Diverse and powerful features, much more convenient than the default version. Let Textra SMS be your lifelong companion. Click on the link below to proceed with the download.

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