SD Maid Pro v5.5.7 Mod APK (Unlocked)

Last updated: 05/12/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:5.5.7
MOD Info:Unlocked
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SD Maid Pro is an indispensable utility application on every Android device. What interesting features it has, please read along to learn through the article below.

Introducing SD Maid Pro

In the process of using mobile devices, users often make a huge mistake: leaving files cluttered in memory. Actually this doesn’t do too much damage to the device, but it does cause a lot of trouble for you. First, if you have just downloaded a file, it is difficult to find out where it is located on the device.

For files that you have downloaded for a long time and have not used for a while, it can be difficult to find when needed. In general, a messy smartphone is just as annoying as a house with no cleaning person for a long time. And if you are looking for an application to be a useful butler for your device, “SD Maid Pro” is ready to serve.

Application interface

The main menu of the application includes a number of features such as Corpse Finder (find files associated with a deleted application), System cleaner, App Cleaner, Databases (delete any database of applications that have not yet been removed. Setting). After pressing the Clean button, you will see the amount of data that SD Maid intends to delete. In addition, SD Maid has a fairly simple and easy to use interface, even novice users can quickly get acquainted.

Keep your device organized

This application will continuously give the best recommendations for you to optimize the files stored on your device. For example, when a new file you just downloaded, it will immediately scan and recognize. The place where the file is saved will have a signal to let you know that there is a new file there. You can then either store it in the right place or let the app work on its own.

The installation is easy

This is an application created to increase the productivity of the device. Therefore, it is designed so that it can operate quickly and efficiently. When you open the app interface, it will show up just like the default Android system interface. You can also see that its icon is also inspired by Android’s icon. The bottom of the screen will have a start button for you to touch and allow everything to start the installation into operation.

The system has many diverse features

Once installed, SD Maid Pro can make your phone even cleaner. First you will see a browser that can find redundant files. They are files that are repeated by accidentally clicking the download button twice on a web page. Or sometimes you don’t notice but can’t find the file you need to use, so keep downloading it again.

Moreover, in some cases when you visit unsafe websites, it will automatically download unwanted files. If these files that you feel can still be used, they can be kept, otherwise delete them to make memory lighter.

A system cleaner is one of the automated protocols you can use to quickly find corrupted files and delete it. This process is fully automated so you don’t need to spend any effort. But it does take a while because it scans the entire phone system. So use it when you’re free.

In addition, you have plenty of protocols to clean the unnecessary things in your phone. You can see application cleaners, duplicate finders and databases, etc. Depending on which case you use it to best suit your device.

The system driver allows you to manage everything

Actually, this can be done using the default system. However, the parameters that appear on the screen are extremely complicated and confusing. SD Maid Pro makes things a lot easier to understand. The apps that are using the most phone capacity will be ranked first and decreasing.

In addition, it also shows status such as system applications (is the type of application that directly affects the operating system of the device, cannot be uninstalled), applications are run, and applications that you have previously downloaded. For apps that weaken your phone for no reason at all, and also not system apps, you should freeze the app. This causes it to stop working, but no data is lost. And when you need it to work, just re-enable it.

Main features of SD Maid

  • Scan files in your device and manage it intuitively
  • Junk files are eliminated in a flash
  • Manage and track applications available in your phone
  • Constantly scanning and finding old files of applications you have ever deleted
  • Search for files by Name, Content or Time
  • Provides a detailed overview of your device’s memory
  • Database optimization
  • Clear the cache on your phone
  • Find out duplicate files such as photos, music, documents
  • Works quickly and efficiently
  • Doesn’t drain a lot of battery when you use it

Information from developer

You can use SD Maid with most Android versions today. However, there are also a few cases when the app doesn’t work, which is unavoidable. It can have many causes. And users can send information to the developer by email [email protected] for support.

MOD APK version of SD Maid Pro

MOD feature

SD Maid Pro is a great tool for mobile devices. Therefore, it is not free, but sold on Google Play for $ 3.85. And this age may vary depending on the country in which this app is released. However, we offer a completely free version of SD Maid Pro APK for you. The most advanced features of this app have been unlocked.

Download SD Maid Pro APK for Android

Overall, SD Maid is a perfect device cleaning app for Android. This is a powerful feature that not all cleaning utilities support. It is one of the top favorite phone cleaning apps in the world today. Here, we offer multiple versions of SD Maid Pro Unlocker for you to choose from. You can download it for free and experience all its best features.

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