Photo Sherlock v1.117 Mod APK (Pro Unlocked)

Last updated: 16/11/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:1.117
MOD Info:Pro Unlocked
Requires:Android 4.2+
Package:Google Play Link

Photo Sherlock MOD APK is an application that provides extremely convenient image browsing for users. With this app, you don’t even need a text editor to search for information.

Introduce about Photo Sherlock

Surely, we will many times come across random photos online. So where did the photo come from? What is the content in the image related to? Every question is answered by Photo Sherlock’s image search feature.

Search for information without entering text

Image search is a useful feature in finding information in the browser. With a random image, the app will recognize the objects inside and give appropriate results. For example, you use this feature for images that contain trees. The feature will give information and articles related to the type of tree obtained.

The image search function makes it easy for users to explore the world around them. All search information is guaranteed to be accurate and detailed for users. This tool can also help stimulate children’s curiosity. With just one scan of a picture, children can find a huge treasure trove of data online. Much faster than typing and browsing the web manually.

Take a quick live photo

The app’s own camera will provide a quick and easy photography experience. With some models, when taking photos, there will be a phenomenon of freezing and poor focus. Photo Sherlock not only helps to look up information, but also can take sharp and fast photos. Clear objects make it easier for AI to identify and provide the most accurate information.

Crop the image before searching

When the photo has many subjects, the AI will be confused and not give accurate results. So Photo Sherlock has a cropping function to make the search more perfect. The objects to look up can be cut separately so that the AI can start scanning the image. Unwanted objects will be removed and no longer affect the search process.

Automatically reduce the size of the image

Image size will directly affect the information retrieval process. High-resolution photos take up most of the space. This leads to a longer search time. Therefore, the application has automatically reduced the image size when uploading to shorten the search process.

However, the image will be reduced not to the point of being too blurry. The application will optimize how the image will be adjusted so that objects in the image can still be clearly seen. The size of the image will be reduced to a minimum to speed up the search. Quick lookup is something everyone wants to do. With Photo Sherlock, this will take less than a second.

Find tons of information with just one photo

There are famous people but you forget their names and can’t remember exactly who they are. Don’t worry, there’s Photo Sherlock to help you with this. The feature of the application helps to identify detailed information about the character in the image quickly. Thereby, you can know the full name, year of birth, relationship, social status,… Users can use this feature to search for the most accurate idol information.

Photo Sherlock has a feature that allows users to check where this photo has appeared. Articles on the web with the same topic but using the same images are very boring. With this feature, users can check the appearance of the image intended for the article. If too many, users can consider and choose another photo for the post.

Find the original image with sharpness

Besides, the application allows users to search for original photos with high definition. As you can see in the comments section of online memes often there is a line that says “original photo”. Original images of memes are usually templates that leave the text blank for others to modify. Photo Sherlock’s feature will help you find the original photo quickly and easily.

Photos downloaded from the internet tend to be broken and lose sharpness. The application will solve this problem thoroughly. AI will help you find the sharpest photo across all platforms. From there you can use HD images in editing or inserting jobs.

MOD APK version of Photo Sherlock

MOD feature

Pro Unlocked

Download Photo Sherlock MOD APK latest version for Android

Photo Sherlock is a widely used image search application. Useful features help users capture a lot of detailed information related to the subject. Not only the features mentioned above, the application also has countless other useful features. These can be mentioned as detecting whether the photo is fake or not, finding the outfit through the photo, etc. Right now, you can download the application via the link below to experience it.

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