Dream Zone v1.43.0 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Last updated: 29/08/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.43.0
MOD Info:Unlimited Money
Requires:Android 4.4+
Publisher:SWAG MASHA
Package:Google Play Link

We believe that you will always feel happy with the game Dream Zone. This is a dating sim for guys who are single. Find girls you like, chat and flirt, maybe love will quickly find you. More comfortable interaction when you use our Dream Zone MOD APK version.

Introduce about game Dream Zone

Dream Zone is a dating simulator and series of fun interactive stories for guys. Create your character and choose your story. Flirt, find your true love in many different ways. Start the flame slowly in a long-term relationship or dive right into a fast-paced passion. Those things are completely up to you! That’s your choice! In this thrilling game for men, you are free to live your dreams and fulfill your passions. Let’s take a look at some of the main features of this game!

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Enjoy romantic love stories


You and your sassy friends go to a regular school called Cleveland High. But what if the students around you weren’t human? What if everyone you’ve known all your life was a robot? How do you survive in a world that has become alien to you? Choose the identity you want and participate in this fascinating storyline. Go where the truth is, discover countless romantic love stories, that’s what you need to do. But does everything always go smoothly?

Choose your identity

Dream Zone has a very nice feature that is identity selection. You can freely play the role of a billionaire, a student or anyone to flirt with girls. If you play the role of a billionaire, defeating the girls is probably just a blink of an eye. Thus the game will lack challenge, making you feel bored quickly. However, if you want to quickly succeed, this is also a solution. Many players come to Dream Zone, they want to challenge themselves in the field of flirting with girls.

The difficulty of the game will increase when you play the role of shy and unconventional boys. Then you will have to work hard to earn money and become rich. Moreover, you will learn how to approach and flirt with pretty girls. The first step will be very difficult when you are inexperienced and confused by unexpected situations. But what can be happier than when you can successfully get to know the girl you like with your own efforts. Every effort will always pay off!

Option to change character

To be suitable for many different roles, you need to change your character’s appearance. Dream Zone allows you to customize your character’s body. From an ordinary student, you can change into a muscular, muscular guy. Besides, thousands of costumes allow you to customize your character’s outfit. A rich director with a smart suit, or a handsome guy with the most modern suits. And there are many other identities, you can choose the appropriate outfit for it. As a result, the role-playing will be more convenient, promoting the realism of the game.

Dream Zone APK
Choose your identity

Choose the girl you want

What kind of girl do you like? Dream Zone can suggest you many different attractive girls. A beautiful female boss, a cute former student or a spoiled Insta-diva? Every girl in this game has significant attractions. Along with that, your approach must also be different when choosing a certain goal. Every challenge is tough, so you need to keep working. Find out what they like, what they want and help them solve their problems. Thereby, you will make a good impression and get closer to dating.

Romantic love stories

Dream Zone gives you tons of romance and happiness throughout the game. Every time you approach and forget a certain girl will also create an attractive love story. If you like this sweetness and happiness, Dream Zone will help you. This is a game that doesn’t seem to have a failed ending. Your efforts always pay off!

This game also always challenges players through unexpected situations. There, you will show your agility in the situations that the game offers. Then, you will be able to choose one of the cases displayed on the screen. Each choice will change the course of events completely and your success will also be determined by this. These situations are also inspired by real life stories, in fascinating love stories.

Impossible game

A mysterious voice message from the past has you caught up in the billionaire game. Can you get close to the truth and find out what’s going on? Will you keep your old self or change your life once and for all? The decision is up to you! This game is going on and you just can’t seem to stop. But there will always be girls with you.

Dream Zone
Find love with the girls you like


Dream Zone does not invest too much in high-quality graphics. Although still possessing 3D graphics, the animation and actions of the characters are quite stiff, lacking natural softness. But the vivid colorful images also bring back many plus points for this game. You will experience the game like reading an e-book. Only one thing is different and the story is told with animation and character dialogue. It will take away the typical boredom of a book. Instead, more inspiration and a more relaxed experience.

MOD APK version of Dream Zone

MOD features

  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Get free diamonds without watching ads

The MOD feature will not show up, but you still get unlimited. Also, make sure to enable permissions manually if Android 6.0 or later. Do it by going to Settings > Apps > Game Name > Permissions | Visible over other apps.

Download Dream Zone MOD APK for Android

This Dream Zone dating simulation game will give guys the most authentic experience of flirting with girls. They will be put into various unexpected situations to learn how to best handle them. Therefore, Dream Zone is a place many people come to. They don’t just want to have fun, but they also consider this as one of the best girlfriend practice exercises. With attractive and realistic content, we believe that this game will help you have the best experience. Download the game now from the link below.

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