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From the creators of My Talking Tom, Talking Tom Gold Run, Talking Tom Hero Dash and other hit games comes a whole new adventure: Talking Tom Blast Park. Join the game, you will join Tom in the amusement park with many activities. Relax all day with Tom, you will always feel happy. Money in the game rising too slow? So try our MOD version for unlimited money!

My Talking Tom Friends and My Talking Angela 2 are two of the many previous versions you can try to experience.

Introduce about Talking Tom Blast Park

Our cat Tom is back with Talking Tom Blast Park version. This time, Tom and his friends will open an amusement park. However, a raccoon gang – The Rakoonz is deliberately sabotaging. They are found anywhere in the park. Can you help Tom save the park by passing all these games? Please join and join Tom to complete these challenges!

Defeat Rakoonz

This game has a very simple operation mechanism. At the start of the game, Tom will constantly run forward. Your task is to move Tom through the obstacles and destroy the Rakoonz. Move left and right by swiping the screen in the same direction. Towards the end of the game, Tom’s movement speed will be faster. At that time, your quick reflexes are extremely important to help Tom reach the finish line.

So how to destroy Rakoonz on the way? Tom will be armed from the start and carried throughout the journey. If you encounter Rakoonz, you can move so as not to collide with them. The second way, is to touch the screen of Rakoonz’s location with his hand, Tom will use weapons and destroy them. Completing the challenge, you will receive many valuable items and bonuses.

Various Weapons

Weapons are not really important in this game, because you can use flexible movement to win. However, if you have a powerful weapon, the more advantage you have in the game. Powerful weapons will come with many beautiful effects. This is also the reason that many players spend a lot of gold to buy it. Some powerful weapons in the game such as: Bubble Blaster, Plunger Bow, The Toaster… Besides, there are countless other unique weapons, both in terms of interface and features waiting for you to discover.

Restoring Tom’s Park

The appearance of the gang The Rakoonz does not simply deter Tom in the games. They also vandalize the park by stealing gears or game accessories. Your mission is to get them and fix the sights as you liberate the park from The Rakoonz. Without prompt repair, the area will be inoperable. Collect shards from the game that The Rakoonz knocked apart to put together a complete item.

You can also help Tom expand and upgrade the park. Use regular money from the game to buy more equipment, expand locations. Decorate the park more splendidly with many accessories such as lights, symbols… Creating a lively entertainment space is also a way to relax for yourself while looking at your achievements.

Boss and unlock features

Boss will appear at the end of each game and give players many challenges. They have high HP, large damage and wide area, you need to concentrate to be able to defeat. More importantly, you will get Golden Gears after defeating the Boss. This is a valuable item for you to open the gates. As such, you can open more games.

Defeating Bosses will unlock many new locations for you. Once you’ve saved an area of the park, you’ll unlock a brand new themed world full of surprises. Chase Rakoonz through fantasy lands, jungles and wild west as you power up Tom. Do not hesitate to overcome challenges, worthy results will be for you if successful.

Custom made for cat Tom

Like many other Talking Tom versions, you can also decorate the character’s appearance. Design your own stylish, stylish outfits for your cat. Besides, don’t ignore feeding, bathing, resting… so that Tom is always in the best state. Refuel and equip the most powerful weapon so you can overwhelm the raccoon gang – The Rakoonz.

MOD APK version of Talking Tom Blast Park

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Money: you can shop comfortably even if you don’t have enough money.

Download Talking Tom Blast Park MOD APK for Android

Talking Tom Blast Park opens a fun amusement park with many games. Vivid colorful 3D graphics and lovely character design create a lot of inspiration for players. This is a safe action game, you can let your little ones play without worry. Such a great game, why don’t you download it now!

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