Suspects: Mystery Mansion v2.1.13 Mod APK (Easy Game)

Last updated: 10/01/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:2.1.13
MOD Info:Easy Game
Publisher:Wildlife Studios
Package:Google Play Link

Suspects: Mystery Mansion is where you show off your soliciting prowess. If you’ve heard of the game Ghost Wolf, then this game is similar. Find the killer as soon as possible, otherwise other players will be killed in turn! What will you do as a detective or a murderer? Break in a musical note with our MOD version, would you like to try it out?

Another detective game is also quite attractive named Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins. You will solve a missing case with only the phone of the victim left.

Introduce game Suspects: Mystery Mansion

Suspects: Mystery Mansion is a thrilling detective action game. You can join the game with 2 different identities: detective and murderer. This is where you show your ability to reason logic and guess quickly in all situations. Give your point of view and convince other players to agree with you. Regardless of your status, you can win, right?


You will start the game with 9 other players, 2 of which will be murderers. The remaining 7 people will be tasked with finding the other 2 murderers. In between rounds there will be discussion where everyone can give their opinions. Where is the body? Where have the other players been? What work have they done? Who did they go with? Who acted suspiciously? Killed players will not have the right to speak during discussions.

After the discussion will be voting time. The AI with the most votes leaves the game, whether it’s murderers or detectives. Only when 2 murderers are found out or the remaining 7 are killed, the game will be over. But be careful: if you suspect another innocent and vote to take them out of the mansion, you will indirectly help the killers win the game!

So how to play?

If you are a detective

You always have to move next to other players. If there were many people, the acees would not dare to act. Find a screen player you believe they are the same detective as you. After that, you guys need to always go together. If one person is murdered, the other will surely find out and report it. However, what if you choose a killer? You will be sure to leave the game quickly.

If you are a murderer

Observe every other player’s actions for easy action. You can find out who the other killer is. You can work together to respond to any situation. In particular, you should find a reason for yourself to challenge the accusations of other players. Act fast and leave no trace, you will be the winner!

The game that causes most disunity

That’s the joke that Suspects: Mystery Mansion players describe about this game. The reason is because everyone is always suspicious of each other. Controversy comes blushing to explain his innocence or to denounce others. Especially playing with friends, best friends will also make you quickly out of the game. How would you feel if you were constantly slandered and blamed by your friends but couldn’t explain? It’s hard to describe, right!


The characters in Suspects: Mystery Mansion are all funny and adorable animals. Crocodile, lion, dinosaur or parrot, fox … are simulated with extremely cute looks. You can also unlock more characters.

Graphics, sound

Suspects: Mystery Mansion is built with beautiful, lovely cartoon graphics. Diverse maps and contexts give you many unique playgrounds. All objects are designed quite close and honest. Besides that is the fun and extremely relaxing sound. The voice chat feature allows players to talk directly to each other.

MOD APK version of Suspects: Mystery Mansion

MOD feature

Easy Game

Download Suspects: Mystery Mansion MOD APK for Android

Follow all the suspicious traces so you can deduce the killer. Act wisely, nimble, and subtly so that you won’t be discovered when you are a murderer. Suspects: Mystery Mansion is really a fascinating game. You can play with friends all day without getting bored. Download Suspects: Mystery Mansion now so you can find the mysterious killer with your friends!

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