Sonic Mania APK v3.6.9 (Latest Version) Download

Last updated: 05/08/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:3.6.9
MOD Info:APK Original
Requires:Android 4.4+
Package:Google Play Link

Sonic Mania APK is the return of the old map-crossing gameplay. Overcome all barriers, go through hundreds of dangers in dozens of challenging levels that you will experience!

Introduce about Sonic Mania

Sonic Mania was released in 2017 by Sega on multiple platforms. It was built by ideas from many similar games before. Very quickly, the title ranked highest in Sonic genres for the past ten years. Many people consider Sonic Mania to be the most successful game, a return to the formation of the classic Sonic genre. So let’s find out with us what this game has that is so appreciated!

Plot of Sonic Mania

Still the same old familiar enemies, but now they are more sinister and sinister. The story follows Sonic and his friends on a journey against their enemies. Dr. Eggman, Sonic’s arch-nemesis continues to be the stopper. He has created many dangerous trap systems to await the arrival of Sonic. Along with his minions, the cyborg Hard-Boiled Heavies, he is sure to be a tough guy to beat. Playing as Sonic and his friends, will you be able to destroy all his evil plans?

The characters

You can choose one of three characters available in Sonic Mania to play. Each character will have their own advantages and disadvantages. Sonic can do a “dash drop” that makes him roll around after jumping. Meanwhile  Tails  can fly and swim,  and  Knuckles  can glide and climb walls. Each character will be suitable for certain terrains. Therefore, you should flexibly use them to easily overcome any challenges that Dr. Eggman creates. These three characters will be unlocked gradually according to the progress of the plot that you complete.

Main gameplay

There are 12 levels in Sonic Mania that you need to pass. Each level will be divided into two stages, if you complete both, you will be transferred to the next level. Your main task in each level is to overcome all enemies and traps to reach the final destination. The challenges will be gradually increased in difficulty in the final stages. Besides, there are many traps that appear unexpectedly to challenge your reflexes.

At the end of each level will be a dramatic battle to every second. You will confront Dr. Eggman and his minions directly. These elite minions have powerful offensive capabilities by many advanced engines. It was the research result of a great doctor like Eggman. It’s a pity that he is on the anti-destroy side, making Sonic’s journey more difficult than ever.

The player collects golden rings, which are considered a form of  energy. You will survive the attacks as long as there is at least one ring. But if hit by a bullet, your ring will scatter and disappear after a short time. Television screens containing rings, elemental shields, or powers such as immortality and faster running speeds are scattered across each level.

Game Modes

First, you can try the “Time Super Attack” game mode. In this mode, time is the key factor in winning. The player must complete the levels as quickly as possible. Your best performance will be included in the online  ranking table.. You can instantly reload a level to try again at any time.

Next is the Competitive Multiplayer Mode. The system will split screen allowing two players to race to the end of the level. It’s like a racing game, the speed of the character will give you an advantage. This game mode in addition to requiring the player to have a good character, control skills are also quite important. Besides, you can also unlock “Mean Bean”, a  minigame for 2 players that is also quite attractive.

Graphics, sound

This game has pretty high quality graphics and sound. It helps players experience every magical moment of the audio world clearly. They can enjoy immersive gaming and forget the time. Moreover, the sound is very suitable to bring a more realistic experience to the player during the game. Although the style is quite old, but overall this game still owns a pretty good graphics.

Download Sonic Mania APK latest version for Android

Overall, Sonic Mania has quite a few attractive features. Diverse map with more than 12 different levels for you to enjoy. Many tricky traps make players have to focus their thoughts to find a solution. Sonic Mania helps you have the game experience to forget time because it is so engaging. The game has received rave reviews, being rated as the best Sonic game of the past ten years. So what are you waiting for, download the game and start taking the challenge right now!

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