Ninja Hands v0.3.1 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Last updated: 14/06/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:0.3.1
MOD Info:Unlimited Money
Requires:Android 5.0+
Publisher:Yso Corp
Package:Google Play Link

Use the power of your hands to rescue the girls and defeat the villains! Ninja Hands MOD APK brings a light but extremely attractive action gameplay in each level. Learn Ninja moves and start your journey now!

Introducing Ninja Hands

If you have ever watched Naruto – the famous Japanese anime about Ninja, then you will definitely like this game. The “ninjutsu” of the Ninja will be performed after extremely complex hand manipulations. But there is no denying it is extremely attractive and beautiful. With that idea in mind, Yso Corp launched the Ninja Hands game for phones. This is an action game with a first-person perspective revolving around the theme of Ninja. The graphics of the game are quite beautiful showing you all the appeal of using the power of your hands to defeat all enemies. Discover now!

Main gameplay

In each level, the evil Ninja will be lurking to attack you. Every time you approach, they will slowly approach and attack you. During that time, you need to perform the skills and hand manipulations of Ninja to be able to attack them. Crush them with the unique skills you learn. Here, you can completely combine many different skills. The secret here is that depending on the opponent, you have to choose the corresponding move accordingly. Because the distance is so short, in just one minute of confusion, you can die instantly. Or if you choose the wrong move, the enemy will kill you.

With the levels of rescuing kidnapped hostages, the Ninja can use magic rings to fight. You need to choose the point of beam from this device to the exact enemy to destroy all of their forces. As soon as you have finished and won, you will get great rewards. You can take advantage of this to buy skills, costumes. This game supports many upgrades for you to increase your strength.

Many levels of play

Your Ninja journey will not be easy in Ninja Hands game. You have to pass a lot of different levels with increasing difficulty. Each level, you will have to perform agile hand movements to knock down enemies quickly. Otherwise, they will come closer and you will be in danger. The levels also have a change of terrain to challenge players. I feel these challenges make the game more interesting as players have to combine many skills to pass the level.

Various skills

To make the game attractive, the developer has created many new skills. Obviously with a Ninja, it is impossible for you to use a skill forever. New moves will gradually unlock and you can completely learn. In order to help gamers when playing the role of Ninja can easily destroy the enemy, the manufacturer has let players use different Ninja techniques such as: Stealth, punching, hiding … Besides, you also have can use natural energies. When you learn tricks, you can borrow power from natural energies such as electricity, water, fire, etc. The higher the level, the more diverse the choice of power features will be.

Real perspective

With first-person perspective, you can only see the Ninja’s hands. You will clearly see each flexible and agile hand movement in each use of the trick. In this perspective, you can also feel each action phase. It’s like you’re in the game. I feel that the first person perspective is extremely suitable for this game. Players can feel many interesting and unique elements about the scenery, characters and emotions.

Cute graphics

Ninja Hands has a very simple design, cute character images. Although not sophisticated, the game makes an impression on players when it is easy to use. It feels authentic and is not too difficult to install on the experience machine. The design of images and characters in the game are chibi style. The image is also quite colorful, especially the eye-catching effects that appear each time you use the skill. Smooth animation will help you not feel uncomfortable during the experience.

MOD APK version of Ninja Hands

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money

Download Ninja Hands MOD APK latest version for Android

Ninja Hands is a great game for everyone, it’s easy to play and extremely attractive. If you love the Ninja genre, then this game will make you even more excited. It does not need to have too beautiful graphics, complex visual effects but still create a lot of attention of players. Obviously, the attractive and addictive gameplay of Ninja Hands has conquered the experience of many players around the world. You can download this game right now via the link below!

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