myTuner Radio Pro v8.1.2 Mod APK (MOD Unlocked)

Last updated: 08/05/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:8.1.2
MOD Info:MOD Unlocked
Genre:Music - Audio
Package:Google Play Link

With the myTuner Radio app, you can listen to live radio from around the world. Modern, beautiful and easy to use interface, myTuner gives you the best experience when listening to online radio, internet radio, AM and FM radio. With an average rating of 4.3, myTuner boasts the best radio streaming app available today. Our MOD APK version will help you unlock Pro for free.

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Introduce about myTuner Radio Pro

Radio entertainment is an old form and still exists today. Although there are many attractive forms of entertainment today, many people still choose it as an indispensable part. However, the advent of so many radio streaming apps has made users wonder between many options. Therefore, today we will introduce to you the application that we like the most. It is called myTuner Radio Pro.

This is an application that broadcasts radio from many famous stations in the world. It was released by Appgeneration not long ago. However, it quickly resonated with its perfection. Get some rest and radio entertainment, those are the best moments!

Radio player is highly appreciated by users

Every app is the same, if it gets a lot of positive reviews, it’s a good app. myTuner Radio Pro launched not long ago, but has captured a lot of attention from users. More than 2000 reviews, all of them are positive reviews for this app. Besides that is a score of 4.3 / 5, making it ranked in the top of the most popular applications. It continuously improves the user experience by providing the best playback quality and the most reliable application, outperforming the competition.

So what features does myTuner Radio Pro have?

More than 50000 radio stations

Do you believe it? More than 50,000 radio stations from 200 countries around the world gathered in this tiny application. It brings you a full range of the most popular genres today. You can choose from sports, news, music, comedy and more. Just have a phone in hand, you can relax perfectly with this application. This app offers you the most visited channels to choose from. Now, this application is gradually dominating the world market. Simply because the user can find any radio station they like in this application.

More than a million Podcasts

The term Podcast is not too unfamiliar to today’s users. But no one application has as large number of podcasts as myTuner Radio Pro. With such a large amount, you can listen to any program you love.

Other utilities

In addition to the huge number of radio stations and podcasts, myTuner Radio Pro also offers you many other utilities and settings. All of them are aimed at improving user experience.

  • Set an alarm to wake up with your favorite FM radio
  • Listen to FM radio even when you are abroad (internet radio)
  • Finds out which song is currently playing on the radio (radio station dependent)
  • Listen to free radio online while using other apps
  • Set a sleep timer to turn off apps automatically
  • Listen through smartphone speaker or via Bluetooth or Chromecast;
  • Share with friends via social media, SMS or Email.
  • More than that…

Listen anywhere

You can listen to your favorite radio stations on mobile, web, desktop, smart TV. Along with that are connected cars, wearables, Alexa, Sonos and other apps. myTuner Radio Pro is gradually improving so you can stay connected on more devices.


You can use myTuner Radio Pro just like a regular music player. But this app has one more channel list available for you to choose from. It also gives you a search engine to easily find a station or podcast. Overall, the easy thing you can see is that this app has a simple, smart and optimized interface.

APK (MOD) version of myTuner Radio Pro

MOD feature

  • MOD Unlocked

Download myTuner Radio Pro APK for Android

myTuner Radio Pro makes sure that everyone who loves music can listen to the best radio stations in the world. Its convenience allows you to listen anytime and anywhere. Diverse content, optimal interface, this is the most perfect application in the field of Radio. Download myTuner Radio Pro now so you don’t miss your favorite music and shows.

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