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Last updated: 23/09/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:4.5.7
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Genre:Music - Audio
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Are you a music lover? Instead of listening to other people’s music, why not make your own? To be able to do that, you need the help of the FL Studio Mobile app. Its powerful features will help you create unique and professional music projects. Open the app and fire up the music right now!

Incredibox is a music mixing application from the sounds created by Beatboxers. Don’t skip this app, we are sure that you will like it.

Introduce about FL Studio Mobile

FL Studio Mobile is one of the most famous paid music maker apps. This is a tool that makes it possible for users to create and save complete music projects on their phones. Users can take the first step towards their passion for composing music. With a simple, accessible interface, you’ll quickly master how to make music even if you’ve never been exposed to it. First of all, take a look at our article for an overview of this application!

Outstanding Features

Create music easily

Smooth and smooth music will be created extremely easily with FL Studio Mobile. With many useful features and a simple, easily accessible interface. Whether you are a beginner, or have never used any software before. You can also easily get acquainted with all the features, quickly master and start your first projects.

Useful tools

The application includes many samples, synthesizers, drum kits and slice-loop rhythms. A variety of eye-catching effects to enhance your mix better. Most of the most essential toolkit for creating music is included in FL Studio mobile. Step Sequencer, Drumb pads, MIDI, Piano keyboard …. And the music mixer: Solo, effect bus, pan and volume adjustable. After finishing a piece of music, the DirectWave player will play it again before you decide to finish.


FL Studio Mobile provides you with instrument modules and effects modules. They will make your music have sharp highlights. The emphasis is extremely important, because it creates an impression on the listener. Popular songs are loved, then it has the highlights to listen to without getting bored.

  • All Instrument modules are included: Drum Sampler, DirectWave Sample Player, GMS (Groove Machine Synth), Bass Transistor, MiniSynth & SuperSaw.
  • All Effects modules are included: Analyzer (visual), Audio Auto, Pitch Auto (pitch correction), Chorus, Compressor, Limiter, Distortion, Parametric Equalizer, Graphic Equalizer, Flange, Reverb, Tuner (Guitar / Vocal / Inst), High Filter -Pass / Low-Pass / Band-Pass / Formant (Vox), Delays, Phaser and Stereoizer.

Sound quality output

This is an extremely important issue when finishing a project. The sound quality when output can affect your music creation process. For many other applications, the quality will decrease compared to when in the process of making music. Therefore, FL Studio Mobile pays great attention to this issue. Always make the most stable output sound quality. Can export to a variety of formats, such as MP3, WAV and FLAC, so you can try again before deciding to publish it. As a result, the application is being chosen for widespread use by manufacturers.

Save the project

By being able to export a variety of formats, you can open your product on a wide range of devices, not just phones. FL Studio Mobile also supports file sharing on many popular social networking applications. Thanks to that, sharing your achievements via Facebook, Instagam, Twitch … easily. Or you can save them as Google Drive or ShareMe … And to do you also need to log in and link your account before manipulating.

Share products

After completing the project, you can quickly share it on online forums. Especially on social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, your products will get more attention. They will listen to your music and make comments. Surely, if you are an influencer, you will receive countless comments. It can be compliments, sincere suggestions to make your product more perfect in the future. Therefore, in our opinion you should actively share it, because you will get many things in return.

Application interface

For a music creation application, everyone will probably think that it is very complicated, difficult to use. Yes! There are too many complicated tools in the music creation field. But not with FL Studio Mobile, it makes complex things simpler than ever. Easy-to-use features, including specific instructions to help users quickly access. The main screen is divided into a clear layout, one side is the features and the other is the music screen. Such a reasonable and minimalistic distribution makes it easier for users to understand and use.

APK version of FL Studio Mobile

A famous paid version like FL Studio Mobile is now completely free to use. With FL Studio Mobile APK, you can download and use it immediately without paying any other fee. You can still use all the most advanced features without worrying about security. We always want to bring you the best quality products that have been censored.

Installation Instructions

  • As a first step, grant permission to install apps from
  • Unknown source in Privacy Settings
  • Next, download both the APK and OBB files of this application via the link to Google Drive below
  • OBB file exists in a zip file called “com.imageline.FLM.zip”, please extract this file.
  • Copy the folder “com.imageline.FLM” into the “Android / obb” folder.
    Finally, you just need to install the APK file as usual

You can also refer to how to install all file formats here.

Reviews from users

User reviews will give you more information about this app. Moreover, it is also the most authentic reviews of the application. Below are the reviews from users on Google Play, you can refer to:

“Should add the old reverb, the new one should turn down the volume when changing the mix reverb to 100. Hope the publisher reads this error and fixes it.

“I accidentally found this app while walking in the store. So I tried to download it to try it out. And then, this was a mistake! Now I always spend hours every day beside the app. This app. It’s really cool because of the random music I make. It’s really easy to use, even though I’ve never studied music before.”

“Please fix this when every time I save a MIDI File as a FLM. When I edit that FLM I add an Automation track to the channel it doesn’t appear on the channel. But I still hear the audio playing gets smaller and then it gets bigger.”

“Thanks to this application, I know a lot more terms in music. Making music is also very interesting, it is highly entertaining. It seems that I am no longer in the habit of going to online music applications. Because because I go into the app every day and listen to the mixes I created. Maybe it’s not good, but it’s really interesting!”

Download FL Studio Mobile APK for Android

Music is a confession of musicians, conveying what they want to say to the audience. The style of music also speaks about their personalities. Create a new style of music, express your personality through music to the audience. Get started with FL Studio Mobile at the link below.

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