StarMaker v8.24.1 Mod APK (VIP Unlocked)

Last updated: 18/11/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:8.24.1
MOD Info:VIP Unlocked
Requires:Android 4.3+
Publisher:StarMaker Interactive
Genre:Music - Audio
Package:Google Play Link

Download StarMaker MOD APK so you can access all songs and duet with idols. This is a famous singing application with more than 50 million users worldwide. Unleash your singer potential with this amazing app now!

Before that, another similar application also created a strong online singing wave called Smule.

Introduce about StarMaker

StarMaker is an online karaoke application released by StarMaker Interactive. Here, you can freely express your intense passion for music. With a diverse and constantly updated song store, you can choose any favorite song. More specifically, you also have the opportunity to duet with famous people. The app also has a social network for sharing passion, where you and other players connect with each other. Now, let’s find out what this application has in particular!

Vast music store

Not uploading ordinary music, the publisher also has to improve it into karaoke form to send to users. However, they still bring users a huge music store. It seems that you can find any world famous song in here. If you have a favorite song that you can’t find, you can send a request to the publisher for them to update. This application also has a variety of genres from Pop, Rock, Classical, Ballad… You will be immersed in your favorite music and tunes to feel a great time.

New songs will be continuously updated by the publisher to refresh the music store. Users always want new things and they understand that too. From the top charts, user requests or wherever they can find the hottest new songs. The songs will also be dub with the original beat so as not to lose the user’s inspiration.

Double singger

Sing a duet If you are bored with soloing a song, you can switch to singing a duet. This app allows you to connect with others to perform a song together. You can transform into Charlie Puth to duet with a Wiz Khalifa played by friends in the song See You Again. This is also the time when you show your musical harmony to create a quality cover product.

For the first time, you will have the feeling of duet with international idols. This feature is loved and interested by many people. In the music video, your idol will sing the divided parts. You just need to listen and sing into your words to complete the song. It feels great when your voice blends with your idols, maybe a musical masterpiece. Search for your idol in the list and choose. The system will filter out their already performed songs. Just tap, hit start and perform.

Recording and tuning

You can make your voice more beautiful with the sound adjustment feature. At the bottom of the song screen are the buttons to adjust the pitch, effect, and volume. You will drag the force bars to adjust them to the most suitable mode. You can create your own music style after adjusting all. If you are a person with good acoustics, you will definitely create quality products.

Social network to connect and share

Like Smule, StarMaker also has its own social network for everyone to stay connected. This is where you can share your cover products. Friends and other online friends will enjoy and comment. It feels great to read people’s rave reviews about your product. In addition, their suggestions will help you create better products in the future. When many people are interested and followed, you will become a celebrity.

This social network also has a livestream platform for you to interact directly with your followers. You will perform live music on demand. If they find it interesting, they will give flowers or coins to show their love. Chat, interact and connect, everyone will create great moments, fun and relaxation.

Interface, sound

StarMaker gives you the look and feel of a regular music player. But it is improved to be more beautiful and professional. The music video in addition to running text so that users can sing along, it also has a pretty background image. You will see a pretty professional music world with many visual and lighting effects. Moreover, the interface layout is neatly arranged, not cluttered, easy to access and use. High-quality sound in both recording and playback so you can hear your tracks to the fullest.

StarMaker VIP version

Obviously, StarMaker is a free app, but not quite. You can still use and sing karaoke, but will be limited to songs and some other features. Registering as a VIP member will help you access all the features and songs included in it. Especially the vocal and effects adjustment feature, if you don’t register for VIP, you can’t use it. The cost of VIP registration is also not too expensive, you can see the details in the application. In addition, you will get a 7-day free trial before deciding to renew.

MOD APK version of StarMaker

MOD features

With us, you will be completely free in all applications. StarMaker too, you will be unlocked VIP membership forever. Specifically, the StarMaker MOD APK version with the MOD feature:

  • VIP Unlocked

Reviews from users

Here are some user reviews and comments about this application. You can refer to it to see an overview of it:

“This is a very nice and great app! I can sing and interact with the people around me”

“I find this application very good! It helps me communicate and sing with friends, get to know people very well. I love it!”

“I just started playing, but I don’t understand very well, but I’m quite satisfied. This application is great, exchanges, connects ….. with everyone in all regions. It is also quite special that there are many parts. more attractive gifts.”

“Super cool app! I hope StarMaker changes the way the lyrics show instead of highlighting the whole line, sing it wherever you want it to be, like karaoke on tape!!!”

“Hope StarMaker will fix the bugs of this new version. Reason: outside the live room saw more than 200 people, but when I entered the room, there was not one person. Second: must fix the error of the live gift box. center!”

“I hope StarMaker can release more Chinese songs and Chinese soundtrack ost songs. If possible, I hope StarMaker will add more Chau Shen songs, but the songs I want to sing or know how to sing are not available. “

“Very happy to mingle with music, love life, love life, love friends on StarMker. They sing happily and innocently. This is a very healthy activity that adds flavor to life. Thank you team by StarMker a lot!”

Download StarMaker MOD APK for Android

Burn your heart out in top music with the StarMaker online karaoke app! Record your voice and make it better with vocal editing. Invite friends to duet with you, duet with idols… You never have to sing alone when you join StarMaker’s vast music community. What are you waiting for, download this app and start your music passion right now!

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