GoetiaX v1.0.1 Mod APK (MOD Menu)

Last updated: 17/06/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:1.0.1
MOD Info:MOD Menu
Size:106 MB
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Join the mysterious world of magic with the role-playing game GoetiaX. Begin your challenging journey with the aim of fighting the evil forces. Use GoetiaX MOD APK version to be able to experience the game faster.

Introduce about GoetiaX

Released in Japan, GoetiaX is an extremely attractive role-playing game. You will fight in a world of magicians full of magic. With Live2D graphics, you will have a unique experience of the art of humanity in the game. Find out more about GoetiaX with us in the article below.


A world that is being destroyed by the Gods, a powerful and evil force. They created a lot of destructive creatures called Mara. At that time, you will play the role and find the power of the Fallen Angels. You will use their power against them. Can you find a way to challenge the wicked God and save the world?


Similar to other role-playing games, you will have to fight monsters throughout the journey. GoetiaX has a style of play in the form of a formation, strategy. In a match you can arrange up to 12 characters and will fight in turn. Therefore, you need to have a very good strategy to win. For example, the main damage hero goes first turn, after the monster attacks, it will be the turn of the energy and energy buffs. For each different monster, you need a counter strategy.

Map and mission system

As the story progresses, it will open more new maps. You can travel around the world of GoetiaX to complete all assigned missions. GoetiaX will have 4 main quest branches, completing each quest will open up new missions. The mission will be increasingly difficult, you need to increase the power continuously to not be too weak with powerful monsters later.


The characters in GoetiaX are all powerful female mages. They all have their own skills according to their clan. Besides, there are Djinns summoned by the characters to fight together. These Djinns have the ability to change their skills. During adventure and quests, you can get skill books. Equip these books with the Djinn so they can learn specific skills. This is also an important factor to significantly increase the power of the characters.

Power upgrades

In addition to getting skill books for the Djinns, you can train them to become stronger. Characters can also power up by giving them flowers. Levels are also very important to increase the general stats of the characters. There are also many other progressions you can make in the game.


Maximum in a battle, you can deploy 12 characters at the same time. The important factor to win is team formation and character strength. Arrange you can be based on weapon expertise and their system. Characters with good resistance will stand first, then the main damage dealer and finally the support. If you meet monsters capable of jumping backwards, you can flexibly reverse.


GoetiaX is designed with unique and colorful Live2D graphics. The characters are built in the direction of extremely cute cartoon. Besides the beautiful setting, the combat effects and virtual skills make you feel excited. Combined with battle sounds and background music, GoetiaX is truly a perfect entertaining game.

MOD APK version of GoetiaX

MOD feature

  • MOD Menu : Fights will happen faster, shortening the time

Download GoetiaX MOD APK for Android

GoetiaX is a great game with attractive gameplay and beautiful graphics. Please join and complete this story about saving the magical world. Show your talent in tense battles with monsters, Boss. You just need to click on the link below to proceed with the download and installation.

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