Romance Fate v3.1.2 Mod APK (Unlimited Diamond)

Last updated: 28/08/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:3.1.2
MOD Info:Unlimited Diamond
Requires:Android 4.4
Publisher:Higgs Technology Ltd
Package:Google Play Link

Today’s game introduced to readers is an extremely attractive simulation game. That is Romance Fate, an extremely attractive simulation game released a long time ago.

Introducing Romance Fate

Romance Fate was released by Higgs Technology Ltd quite a while ago. The game has been released since mid-2020 for both Android and iOS. But to this day, the game is still loved by many players. Because the developer regularly adds new content, new stories so that the game does not get boring. It’s basically a simulation RPG that explores the story. This game genre is called Visual Novel, which is the top favorite among players today.

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New life experience

If you feel your current life is too boring, try to experience a new life through the stories in Romance Fate. It will make your life more interesting, and you will have a new perspective on this life. Coming to the game, you can choose from many stories to role-play and discover their interesting details. Each story has different content and plot for you to explore.

At the beginning of a story, you become the main character in that story. The game offers suggestions, options for you and you choose the option according to your way of thinking. Each decision in the game will lead you to a different outcome. Therefore, you need to think carefully before making a decision for the main character, who is also you in your new life. Through each story, you will get many interesting things and feel happy because you have created beautiful stories yourself.

Many fascinating stories for you to discover

As mentioned, the game Romance Fate has many options for you to explore interesting stories. Here are the most outstanding stories, with the most attractive plot in the game.

Billionaire Neighbor: This is the story of Knight Damian – a mysterious billionaire, a powerful executive. He has everything but not love. And you are the one who begins to change lives with him, with a romantic love story.

Forbidden Commitment: You are a freelance girl and about to find a new job. In the night, you meet a guy in the VIP club. And then you start a daring relationship with him. You’re both dating and an employee of his company.

Obsession: This is an interesting story about a love triangle full of contradictions. While one guy is a notorious criminal, the other is a police officer who is hunting the other criminal. How would you handle this difficult situation?

Love Practice: You meet your high school sweetheart again. Two people accidentally meet and you become his trainee. But not only practice about the subject, but also practice about love with him.

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Amazing photo

Another common feature of Visual Novel games is the visual style. Most of such games have extremely eye-catching visuals. From the character creation to the in-game landscape, everything is created to perfection. Although the graphics quality in the game is only 2D, it still brings an impressive experience to the players. Because the character image of Romance Fate is designed in 3D style. And sometimes the game appears very beautiful 3D animations.

Perhaps the most prominent part of the image in the game is still the character creation. Both male and female characters have enchanting features. Each character has its own beauty, its own style as well as its own charisma. This is the most important thing to create the success of the game Romance Fate.

Customize character style

Although it is a visual novel game, Romance Fate allows you to customize the character style like a fashion game. This is an interesting point in this game. In each story, you can customize your character’s style. Those are very beautiful girls. You can choose hair color, hairstyle, eye color, … in general, any style to create a personality for each character. The system of costumes in the game is also quite diverse, so you can freely choose for the main character before each date.

A few minus points

In addition to the attractive points of gameplay, beautiful images, Romance Fate still has a few minus points. For example, game performance is not stable. Many times you are playing but the game automatically exits and you have to reopen the game. However, this case only occurs in some devices, and also rarely happens. The developer is still improving and fixing the game to achieve the best performance.

Another minus point is the language in the game. This is a visual novel game, so the dialogue in the game is extremely important. However, currently the game does not have many languages ​​for many countries. Because players love Romance Fate from all over the world. Hopefully the developer will soon add more languages.

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MOD APK version of Romance Fate

MOD features

Unlimited Diamond: You can get free diamonds without having to see ads.


How long does this game last?

The game has many different stories, depending on how you play, the game will end quickly or slowly. But it is always adding new content so you don’t get bored.

How do I change the selection while playing?

It’s impossible, but you can replay that story when it’s over. So, the same story but you play it many times will have different endings.

Can I play this game on my computer?

Yes of course. You can choose any Android emulator to play Romance Fate.

How to get more diamonds in this game?

It’s very simple, you just need to use our MOD version.

The MOD APK version of Romance Fate is not malicious is it?

It is completely harmless, you can rest assured. Because we have thoroughly checked the APK file before uploading.

Download Romance Fate MOD APK for Android

Romance Fate is considered one of the best Visual Novel games ever. But you should note, this game is only for those over 16 years old. Because the content in the game also has a lot of scenes that are not intended for children. In general, this is an extremely attractive game that you should not ignore. In addition, there are also many games of the same genre and equally interesting. For example Love Sick: Interactive Stories, Pierced by Love or Killing Kiss : BL story game.

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