Race Max Pro v0.1.399 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Last updated: 12/12/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:0.1.399
MOD Info:Unlimited Money
Requires:Android 6.0+
Package:Google Play Link

Recently, Tiramisu continues to add to its racing game collection with a new product, Race Max Pro.

Introducing the game Race Max Pro

Referring to the racing game genre, you must have known the name Drift Max Pro of publisher Tiramisu. It is considered one of the best racing games ever. And Tiramisu, the publisher of this game is also a very famous game company. They stand out for the car racing game genre. There have been quite a few versions of their racing game released, any product is loved by many players. And Race Max Pro is the latest name of this publisher.

Race Max Pro has just been put on Google Play today, being interested by many gamers. Right after its launch a few hours, this game has been spread throughout social networks and game news sites. Accordingly, it continues to be an extremely promising racing game with diverse gameplay along with extremely realistic graphics. After the introduction below, you can choose to download the Race Max Pro MOD APK.

Diverse gameplay, enjoy the experience

Race Max Pro offers familiar racing and driving gameplay. But it has many different game modes so you don’t get bored while playing. A racing game no matter how interesting the gameplay is, but with only one mode, players will still feel bored when playing a lot. Therefore, Race Max Pro offers many game modes for you to choose from. You can freely experience and change modes whenever you like.

The game has three main modes: racing, drift, and drag. Easier to understand, there are three different ways to control the car. Each mode has its own interesting points. For example, racing will require good car control, high speed and competition with opponents. There are two modes of drift and drag that require more technical factors. Of course, the most popular mode is street racing. Enter the game, defeat all opponents to become the king of the street!

Vehicle system and upgrades

Vehicle system is also an important element for a racing game, or driving a car. Race Max Pro owns an extremely diverse vehicle system for you to choose according to your liking. It can be young fashion cars, or elegant. Or maybe extremely powerful sports cars. Unlock the cars you like and master it, conquer every track!

Not only can you choose the car to your liking, you can also customize it to your own style. By changing paint color, gloss and accessories, your car will become unique. In addition, you also have to upgrade your favorite car. Each car has different parameters in terms of details. The upgrade makes the car perform better, run faster and the engine is stronger. Every parameter of the car is important, please upgrade all indicators to make your car work as best as possible. Or you can buy a better new car if you want!

Diverse maps with beautiful roads

The point that I personally find most impressive in this game is the landscape system of the racing tracks. Game Race Max Pro has built many different contexts, creating many roads in many places for you to explore. From the luxurious streets in the city, the suburbs, to the beautiful coastal roads! Such a diverse map system gives you the freedom to conquer on your favorite car. When playing the game, you feel like you are traveling, sightseeing in famous places.

Simple control system

Is it difficult to control the car in the game? The answer is no! For example, driving simulation games like Fire Truck Simulator or Bus Simulator PRO, the control system is designed like a real-life car, you will have a bit of trouble if you don’t know how to drive before. But in Race Max Pro, the control system is much easier. You can choose from two different controls. That is tilting the phone to the sides, or tapping the side buttons to race. As for drift and drag mode, it requires your technique more than racing mode.

Surreal experience with 3D graphics

Perhaps the thing that players are most interested in in a racing game is whether the experience is realistic or not. And whether the experience is good or not is due to the graphics and images of the game. Race Max Pro has done a great job on this task. It brings you the most advanced 3D graphics background, the best quality. You will feel the realism in every movement of the car, or the engine sound, the sound effects on the track… And as introduced above, it’s an extremely designed racing system. pretty.

However, there is a small minus point about the image of Race Max Pro. That part of the racing car design is not really impressive. Although at first glance, you will see the glitz and glamor on racing cars. But the design for the vehicle system has not been detailed, it is quite simple. You can easily see that this is a model car in the game, not like a real car in real life.

MOD APK version of Race Max Pro

MOD features

Unlimited Money. The amount will increase as you spend.

Download Race Max Pro MOD APK for Android

Most of Tiramisu’s games are racing, but not all games have the same experience. Each game has its own unique and attractive features. Therefore, players are always interested in every product that this publisher releases. And so does the latest Race Max Pro title! It continues to bring you an impressive experience with the racing genre. Now, download Race Max Pro to enter the most dramatic and exciting races!

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