Crash Drive 3 v81 Mod APK (Free Shopping)

Last updated: 01/11/2021 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:81
MOD Info:Free Shopping
Requires:Android 5.0+
Package:Google Play Link

Crash Drive 3 is the strong return of the racing game that once caused a fever in the world. With many improvements in graphics and gameplay, it will definitely make you feel satisfied. Our MOD APK version will allow you to make free purchases with real money.

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Introduce game Crash Drive 3

Previously, M2H released the first 2 versions of Crash Drive. Although it has generated a lot of attention, there are still limitations and shortcomings. Therefore, Crash Drive 3 is the most perfect adjustment of this series currently. Not only has many improvements in graphics, but it also has upgraded content and features. You will have more new experiences, own more unique car models than before. Are you ready to participate in dramatic races until the last minute?

New interface

Graphics this time of Crash Drive 3 will bring you more uniqueness. The interface of the game is fresh, vivid colors with modern style. The models are no longer molded, but improved in many interesting shapes. In the game, they are called monster racing cars. Not only is it fancy, but this new interface also brings many challenges to players. Through experience, we feel the difficulty has increased a bit, especially in the control issue. But those are also interesting things that players need to see, they don’t want to make things too easy because it’s boring.

More maps

Players always want to find new experiences as a way to have fun. Therefore, if you race forever on a few familiar maps, it will be boring. Crash Drive 3 is designed with more than 10 different maps and challenges. Each map will make it difficult for you a lot by unexpected situations. From desert maps to vast fields or highways, all will give you interesting experiences. In particular, this game also integrates weather effects, giving you maximum realism. Not all maps are unlocked from the start, you need to qualify to be able to unlock them.

Unique car model

As we mentioned, Crash Drive 3 has more unique racing car designs. No longer following the standard of stamping according to modern trends, the new models are more creative in appearance. If you are bored with driving super cars, try your hand at monster racing list. From leopard to crocodile to lion… choose your favorite model to race. This game also allows you to customize the car’s appearance and upgrade accessories and engines. Use your creativity to stand out in every race.

Dramatic races

Entering every race in the game Crash Drive 3, you will always feel the heat of it. In addition to smooth steering control, you also have to dodge attacks from other players. This game allows gamers to equip weapons on their racing cars. However, they can only be used when picking up iteams on the road. Using them effectively, you will slow down your opponent’s speed. Besides, the obstacles and challenges on the terrain will be factors that you need to overcome if you want to finish in the top. It is these challenges that create the attractiveness and attraction of Crash Drive 3.

Crash Drive 3 also has many other interesting features waiting for you to discover. Each new level, you can unlock new features. Breakthrough in design, breakthrough in gameplay have made the difference between this game and other competitors. You may find it by accident, but we are sure that you will love this game.

Graphics, sound

Vivid, beautiful 3D graphics are easy to notice when you just enter the game. Unique and highly detailed vehicle designs make them real. Besides, there is a diverse context of more than 10 different maps. The driving interface is completely new, improved compared to the old version. Regarding the sound, you will definitely be addicted to the sound of the car’s engine in this game. It is both catchy, smooth and also exudes the luxury of the driver. Besides, there is background music and audience voices to create an exciting atmosphere in each race.

MOD APK version of Crash Drive 3

MOD features

  • Free Shopping: you can make free purchases in the store, including items that pay for real money

Note: you must not use the MOD in online mode, otherwise you will be banned immediately!

Download Crash Drive 3 MOD APK for Android

Are you ready to join the dramatic races in Crash Drive 3? Experience the exciting fun when you join this free online racing game. Drive your favorite car through the vast and varied maps in the game. Crash Drive 3 is the true entertainment game for you in all your spare time. Just click on the link below, you can start downloading and installing!

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