Car Mechanic Racing v1.4.181 Mod APK (Free Shopping)

Last updated: 03/09/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.4.181
MOD Info:Free Shopping
Requires:Android 9+
Publisher:ECC GAMES S.A.
Package:Google Play Link

Play as a professional auto technician and fix cars for all your customers in Car Mechanic Racing MOD APK! Accept every order and process them in a snap.

Introduce about Car Mechanic Racing

Racing a lot, do you want to learn how to fix these expensive cars? I have introduced many attractive racing games like Asphalt 8: Airborne or Furious: Heat Racing. But this game is more special when you will play a car mechanic. The game has a day and night cycle, introduces a specific rhythm and requires organizing your work accordingly. Learn every car repair skill so you can take on every order from your customers.

Learn many car repair skills

Over 25 unique skills can be learned to open your own auto repair shop. Each skill will gradually be unlocked when you meet the conditions. There are many different types of car breakdowns, but these are the most common skills that you can apply to many situations. Some streamline the repair process, others increase income, and some open up entirely new gaming opportunities. The order in which they are unlocked is solely up to you. That means you don’t need to learn in any order. As long as you like it, you can completely learn the necessary skills first.

Multi-talented car repairman

Open a repair shop

You can start with a small auto repair shop to pick up the first customers. At the beginning, there is no money, no car repair skills, so you will have a little difficulty. The number of customers is small, the car repair job is simple, so the income is not high. Don’t worry, you can do many things at the same time to have money to expand into a store. A large car repair place both increases the prestige and makes customers feel excited when entering the repair shop. Along with the development, some new features are also gradually unlocked.

Accept all orders

You can shop more than 1100 accessories for your store. From there, you will easily receive every order. Including the case of severe damage, you also get. Changing paint, yellowing, muffler or wheels, fixing engine problems or changing accessories… are the simplest jobs in the auto repair industry. You will encounter some car breakdowns without knowing the reason. Then, the experience learned from 25 skills will allow you to find the cause and quickly fix the problem.

Constantly improve your car repair skills to grow more! Until everyone comes to your car repair shop, then you are the best auto mechanic. Including complex, difficult or almost impossible to fix orders can’t be difficult for you. Increase your income, expand your store and bring your brand to the world.

Selling cars

It’s great that you can open your own auto shop! Work hard to find partners and import their cars to your store. New car models, supercars or sports cars are the most popular styles today. If not, you can absolutely buy a car to add to your collection. It’s also a way to show your passion for your car. However, for old cars that you collect, sell them while it’s still worth it!

Take part in dramatic races

Car Mechanic Racing also features racing like other games. More than 40 models to choose from for each of your races. Classic cars, utility vehicles, muscle cars… or new generation supercars are always available. Take part in the challenges on the track and overcome all competitors to take home the championship trophy. Car control in Car Mechanic Racing is also extremely simple and familiar. It is no different from ordinary racing games so you can get used to it quickly.

Great graphics

Car Mechanic Racing has extremely high quality and beautiful 3D graphics. The realistic and extremely detailed images are designed by talented employees. The detail of the image is so high that you can see the smallest parts of the car. Therefore, you will feel like you are actually repairing a car in real life. You will discover many parts in the car that you have never heard of. Besides, the great sound from the car, from the audience in each race makes players always full of energy.

MOD APK version of Car Mechanic Racing

MOD features

  • Free Shopping
  • Note: you need Internet and authorization in Google services. If you can’t purchase the item, then stop the game completely, clear Google Play data (you won’t have to sign in again). And then restart the game.

Download Car Mechanic Racing MOD APK latest version for Android

Car Mechanic Racing is a diverse combination of many car-related gameplay. You can open a car repair shop, can participate in extremely attractive races. This diversity helps players always have something new to discover. They will not be bored but always excited every time they log into the game. How about you? Download the game now and enjoy!

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