Unhappy Raccoon v1.22.0 Mod APK (Menu MOD, God Mode)

Last updated: 24/10/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.22.0
MOD Info:Menu MOD, God Mode
Requires:Android 5.0+
Publisher:X.D. Network
Package:Google Play Link

Unhappy Raccoon MOD APK is an action role-playing game with extremely interesting Roguelike gameplay and eye-catching cartoon images.

Introduce about Unhappy Raccoon

Usually, Roguelike-style action games will let you play the role of warriors and fight monsters. But coming to the game Unhappy Raccoon, you can play the role of lovely fluffy animals. And the enemies that you have to face are the big ferocious beasts that lurk in the dungeons. This is an extremely interesting game that X.D. Network brought to you during this time.

Explore the vast universe

Join the game Unhappy Raccoon, you are adventure and explore in the vast universe of lovely animals. This universe was created by “God of the Cat Bear” with many mysterious places, with interesting things waiting for you to discover. The game is built with many different planets for you to gradually explore. In each planet there will be different missions and levels of play. And there are many other interesting activities for you to participate in the experience.

Roguelike style gameplay

In terms of gameplay, Unhappy Raccoon is developed in the style of role-playing action in dungeons. You control your character to many different places to find enemies and fight them. Your goal is to defeat every enemy to find the mysterious treasures. In addition to the main battle mode, you can also build a spaceship to travel in this vast universe.

In terms of control, the game is still designed like other action role-playing games. You can control the character to move with the navigation button in the lower left corner of the screen. And the lower right corner is the character’s combat skills. Including basic skills and special skills. Basic skills can be used continuously, but the damage level is not high. As for special skills, you can kill enemies faster but lose cooldown after each use.

Character system and skills

The character system in the game Unhappy Raccoon is built quite diverse. But those are not warriors or superheroes like you usually see. Instead, there are extremely cute fluffy animals. They are inspired by many raccoons, but with human-like bodies. In particular, they have a strong and special fighting ability.

Accordingly, each character has unique skills and combat abilities. Not only that, you can also let the character learn new skills after reaching a certain level. With many different skills, you can combine them together to create your own fighting style. In addition, you also have to regularly upgrade the strength of your characters.

Collect infinite treasures

The game lets you explore many different mysterious planets. The treasures will be scattered everywhere on those planets. Maybe at the end of dark dungeons, or deep in the great mountains. You must defeat huge and powerful beasts to collect those treasures. In particular, the treasure is constantly replenished in many different locations for you to conquer. Each treasure will have different value rewards, arranged randomly.

Beautiful graphics like Anime animation

An extremely impressive point of the game Unhappy Raccoon is the graphics. It is designed with quite high-end 3D graphics quality. As for the visual style, Unhappy Raccoon is designed in a cute Anime cartoon style. Perhaps the most prominent feature is the character creation. The fluffy animals are extremely unique and good-looking. They are a mix of many different raccoons, with distinct colors and costumes.

Another important factor is the visual effects in the game. The most obvious are the character’s skills. They are designed with extremely vivid light and sound effects. That helps you get the best experience!

MOD APK version of Unhappy Raccoon

MOD features

  • Menu MOD
  • God Mode

Download Unhappy Raccoon MOD APK latest version for Android

Unhappy Raccoon makes a difference compared to other games of the same genre. Especially the extremely cute images, with unique character designs. With the cute character system from the image of raccoons, you will have a new experience like no other game.

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