Deer Hunting 2 v1.1.4 Mod APK (Unlimited Bullet, No Ads)

Last updated: 03/08/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.1.4
MOD Info:Unlimited Bullet, No Ads
Requires:Android 4.4+
Package:Google Play Link

The game Deer Hunting 2 has appeared, taking you to a hunting journey more attractive than ever. This game has just been released not long ago, being loved by many players.

Introducing Deer Hunting 2 is a fairly famous mobile game publisher, the most prominent of which is Deer Hunting. It’s a wild animal hunting game with extremely engaging gameplay and stunning graphics. This game has received the attention of a large number of players around the world. And has brought a new version, which is Deer Hunting 2. Accordingly, this new version has added many new features and new experiences for players.

The hunting journey is back

If you have ever played Deer Hunting in the first version, you will still remember the challenging animal hunting journey in this game. The hunting journey in the first version was too attractive, along with many challenges for players to conquer. And coming to Deer Hunting 2, you have more challenges to conquer and more animals. Hunting is officially back! Are you ready?

Equip the best weapon system

In the new part, your hunting target is a lot of different animals. From slow animals, to animals with extremely fast movement and reaction speed. Therefore, you must choose for yourself the best weapon system.

Deer Hunting 2 offers an extremely diverse weapon system for you to choose from. From shotguns, to long guns with extremely accurate sights. And each weapon has its own strong point, depending on the terrain when playing, or depending on the animal to hunt. Therefore, you need to have enough of the best weapons to change your selection when necessary.

New hunting style

The journey of adventure and hunting in Deer Hunting 2 is extremely interesting. You will be hunting animals in a new style. There are many places for you to go and conquer challenges. It can be Western America, Northern Europe and Central Africa, hunting in the forest, desert, plateau, grassland, snowfield, rainforest, swamp,… In each location there will be levels. with different difficulty for you. And this is your chance to practice your hunting skills of a professional hunter. Can you become the best hunter in the whole world?

Diverse game modes

In the game, you can choose from many different game modes to experience. For example, the hunting mode, you can join after a few minutes in each game. In this mode you have to kill enough targets for the hunt, in a certain amount of time. Targets can be animals, treasure chests, goals… If you complete the target, you will receive valuable rewards, corresponding to the number of points you achieved.

Challenge mode gives you more fun than ever. In this mode, you have to use the rifle and kill as many animals as possible. The animals run in a fixed line, and you have to shoot continuously with high accuracy to complete the challenge. This mode gives you an extremely wild and frantic experience.

Another extremely interesting mode is conquering powerful Bosses. Regular missions require you to destroy common animals. Examples are  nai sika, lion, pronghorn, turtle, elk, antelope, argali, brown bear, black bear, buffalo, wild boar, wolf, elephant, direwolf, hippo, fox, deer, tapir , crocodiles,… And the Bosses will be large and extremely aggressive animals. You will know what animals they are when participating in the game!

Surreal graphics

In Deer Hunting 2, players have an extremely attractive experience with high quality 3D graphics. And in this second version too. You will enjoy more realistic animal hunting than ever before. Because the quality of graphics in version 2 has been upgraded compared to the first version.

Along with that, the shaping, image design is also completed in more detail and meticulousness. The animals in the game are shaped up to 90% like in real life. Thanks to that, your hunting journey will be more vivid and attractive than ever. You will feel like you are directly hunting in beautiful scenery, not simply playing games.

MOD APK version of Deer Hunting 2

MOD features

  • 1 Hit Kill: With only one shot to knock down the target.
  • Unlimited Bullet
  • Remove Ads

Download Deer Hunting 2 MOD APK latest version for Android

As can be seen, Deer Hunting 2 brings familiar gameplay but the experience is still extremely attractive. A series of challenges are waiting for you to discover. And a series of new features for you to experience the game without being bored compared to the original. A lot of wild animals are waiting for you to conquer. Show off your top shooting skills in this ultimate hunt!

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