Paradise Lost: Otome Game v1.0.30 Mod APK (Unlimited Diamonds, Tickets)

Last updated: 18/03/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.0.30
MOD Info:Unlimited Diamonds, Tickets
Requires:Android 5.0+
Publisher:Buff Studio
Package:Google Play Link

A romantic and dramatic love story unfolds in Paradise Lost: Otome Game APK! In the middle of a forest of handsome men, you are the girl who gets the most attention. Who will you choose?

Introducing Paradise Lost: Otome Game

Paradise Lost: Otome Game is an anime game in the otome visual novel genre. In it, you will choose your own plot and experience romantic and dramatic details and events. Depending on your choices, the final ending will gradually be revealed. This game is like a dating sim, similar to Darling Pet: Choose your love. You will be the female protagonist revolving around many male characters throughout the game. Easy to play, easy to get hooked as you flip story by story in this beautiful simulation!

Interesting plot

Paradise Lost: Otome Game will take you to a journey with a sweet start as a dream. Everyone has fun together on a ship floating in the middle of the sea. But suddenly, a storm comes and messes everything up. Even that sturdy ship could not withstand the force of nature. It whirled in the raging ocean waves, overturned and washed away. All the people on the ship lost consciousness and gradually fell into a coma.

You open your eyes and see a beautiful blue sky like in a fairy tale. Right now, you are on a strange deserted island. Around are 6 strange boys approaching and calling your name. Everyone regained their composure and started chatting about what had happened. But in the end, what you have to face is a real challenge: a girl living with 6 boys on a deserted island. Just like that, love stories gradually appear and you have to make decisions in many unexpected situations…

Attractive male characters

The guys around you are all handsome and charming. Each character also has a unique personality. However, not everyone shows it to the outside and you need to find out for yourself. If Levi is an arrogant guy who likes to show his personality, Kai is quite timid, shy but extremely sweet. During this journey, you will have the opportunity to interact with all those guys. They will also not hesitate to express their feelings when talking to you privately. Choose a person that you feel is really suitable for you!

Create your character’s appearance

You can bring your own style and apply with the character in the game. Then, you will feel like you are living in this exciting storyline. Paradise Lost: Otome Game provides you with a variety of character details such as appearance, face and even costumes. You can freely choose and combine them together, creating a perfect copy of yourself. Your character design will be displayed inside the main story of the game. You can change it up at any time, especially when shopping for new clothes.

Story selection and interactions

The island has 5 locations, each corresponding to a story chapter. Events will keep happening and you need to deal with them. Your job is to read the story and follow the dialogue of the characters. You can change and develop the character’s emotional flow according to each story line. More specifically, you can interact with the plot and make it happen the way you want it to. Interesting conversations are simulated through beautiful and emotional images.

This interactive gameplay is similar to reading a novel. Stories are told with pictures and text. Its plot is quite long, so you may not be able to experience it all at once. Therefore, Paradise Lost: Otome Game has integrated the “Diary” feature. There you can save your game progress at any time. If you fall in love with a certain chapter, these saves will help you instantly re-experience that exact moment.

This game has many different endings, depending on how you play. The reason is because you can interact with the plot and make it go in different directions. As a result, the final endings are more varied, but most of them are happy endings.

Beautiful graphics

We highly recommend Paradise Lost: Otome Game through its character design and game setting. All characters are built in a neat, detailed and beautiful way. Their expressions are also diverse to suit climactic events and situations. Diverse context with 5 locations where you can explore and learn the mysteries. The general interface is quite harmonious and sophisticated, it reduces boredom for players.

MOD APK version of Paradise Lost: Otome Game

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Unlimited Hints
  • Unlimited Tickets

Download Paradise Lost: Otome Game MOD APK latest for Android

Paradise Lost: Otome Game is really a great game for lovers of romance novels. You can experience many levels of character’s emotions in the most authentic way. Each situation and event is logical and attractive, fast-paced, making players constantly attracted, unable to take their eyes off. Download the game and write up your own romantic love story now!

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