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Last updated: 30/08/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.4.12
MOD Info:APK Original
Requires:Android 5.0+
Package:Google Play Link

Papers, Please APK is a simulation game, combined with extremely interesting puzzle gameplay. This game gives you an immersive experience with varied content and classic style visuals.

Introduce about Papers, Please

Papers, Please is not a newly released game. It was first released in the year for Microsoft Windows platform and OS X. Then the version for Linux was released on February 12, 2014 and for iOS on December 12, 2014. It was quite a surprise when At that time, the developer Lucas Pope did not release an Android version.

It is not until now that the game has officially launched for Android, through Google Play. Accordingly, it was released by 3909 LLC, Lucas Pope’s production company. And the game is sold for $ 4.99 for the Android version. But don’t worry, REDMOD brings you Papers, Please APK version completely free for you!

Story of the game

Coming to the game, you will be transported to the past, in a fantasy country like  Eastern Block Arstotzka. And you get to play as an entry officer, with an important mission at the country’s border. At that time, the countries around you are having a tense political war. And all of that includes your country.

The game takes place at a moving checkpoint. Here, you have to control the amount of people passing. Your duty is to ensure the security and safety of that area. You must review each immigrant and return citizen passports and many other paperwork. Look for mistakes, inappropriate documentation, and misinformation to determine everyone’s immigration. Don’t worry about not understanding anything, the game will have the tools and instructions for you.

Lối chơi mô phỏng kết hợp giải đố

As introduced, you will take on the role of a detective, an officer at a checkpoint. The purpose of this unit is to manage and control immigration. Because among immigrants there are many different components. You have to find people with bad intentions to deal with. There will be terrorists, wanted criminals, smugglers trying to infiltrate your country. And sometimes greedy people use fake papers for illegal immigration. Therefore, it is important for you to check carefully before allowing them to immigrate.

Detecting bad actors is quite difficult. Sometimes simply a number that you can’t detect, the bad guys will be able to get past you. Therefore, when doing the task, you have to concentrate as much as possible. As can be seen, investigating such information is no different from puzzles.

Use your wits to investigate

Each person who appears in front of the checkpoint is considered a puzzle for you. You cannot know everything in advance. It is impossible to know clearly who is a regular immigrant, and an illegal immigrant. The bad guys have many tricks that make it hard to spot. Of course, they all have flaws, but you have to find them. So you are forced to use your smart thinking and reasoning to solve that. This game is not for entertainment, only for those who are really smart.

Classic graphics

Papers, Please is just a simulation game, so it is developed with fairly simple graphics. It’s just a pixel-style 2D graphics background. And we also do not need a high-quality graphics background for this game. Because all images in the game are illustrations, and numbers and words. Also thanks to this visual style, the game size is quite light, you can easily install and experience.

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Download Papers, Please APK latest version for Android

Overall, Papers, Please offers a new experience in the simulation game genre. It gives you engaging, even addictive gameplay. But the game requires you to play focused, not entertaining like other games. Can you complete all the difficult missions in this game? Right now, you can download Papers, Please APK to try it out. Our APK version paid on Google Play, you can experience it completely for free.

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