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Last updated: 16/06/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:0.8c
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Knightly Passions is a role-playing game in the form of a visual novel. You will be adventure in a magical world with many interesting and engaging stories.

Introducing Knightly Passions

Knightly Passions is not a mobile game, it is released for laptop or PC systems. You can find it on the Patreon platform. This game has a medieval setting, where there are magic and horror monsters.


The plot in the game takes place in a medieval fantasy world. Here, you play as the main character who is a brave hero. He lost his sister for no reason or reason. Your adventure journey in this game is with the main character to uncover mysteries, the goal is to find his sister.

In the adventure journey, you make many new friends. And you also have to face a lot of dangers such as monsters, witches, mercenaries. But in return, you can meet beautiful girls, can chat and date them.

Looking for companions

In this game, you are not alone. Along the way, you can also meet new characters. They can be friends, but also bad guys can harm you. You need to find out about those characters, see who is the good guy, who is the bad guy. Through conversations, you can understand that.

Fight with the enemy

Game Knightly Passions is also combined with some elements of the role-playing game genre. The game has combat missions, where you have to control your character to defeat the enemy. They are witches, monsters, mercenaries, or other dark forces.

However, the role-playing gameplay in this game is quite simple. Since it is only a side-player mode, the main content of the game is still exploring the visual novel story. Your character has special skills, you can upgrade and develop them. And you just need to choose the skill to attack the enemy.

Chat and Dating

As introduced, our main character has the opportunity to get acquainted and make friends with many other characters during the adventure. It can be beautiful girls, with extremely hot bodies. Each character has their own story, which you can discover through conversations. Through interacting with them, you can flirt, with the goal of dating them. If possible, you will enjoy extremely sweet and romantic cutscenes.

Beautiful animations

The most prominent feature of the game Knightly Passions is the visual design. Since it’s just a visual novel simulation game, just creating beautiful shapes is enough to provide a great experience for players. It only owns a 2D graphics background, but you will definitely be mesmerized by the shapes in the game. The girls are drawn in an artistic cartoon style, appearing with enchanting beauty. Add to that the romantic animations of the dates between you and those girls.

APK version of Knightly Passions


Ported: As I said, Knightly Passions was originally a game for PC and laptop. But since a lot of players requested a mobile version, and the developer didn’t, REDMOD created the Knightly Passions APK version for you. This version can be easily downloaded and installed. You can experience the game on your phone, or install it with an Android emulator on your computer.

Download Knightly Passions APK latest version for Android

Knightly Passions is really an attractive simulation game that you should not miss. You can download and experience it right now. You should only download from REDMOD, to make sure the APK file is problem-free and does not pose any danger to your device!

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