Pro League Soccer v1.0.18 Mod APK (No Ads)

Last updated: 12/04/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.0.18
MOD Info:No Ads
Requires:Android 5.0+
Publisher:Rasu Games
Package:Google Play Link

Coming to Pro League Soccer, you will experience an extremely interesting sports gameplay. You get to participate in football matches like never before, and conquer the biggest tournaments on the planet.

Introducing the game Pro League Soccer

Usually, we know football games with names like Dream League Soccers, or FIFA, PES, etc. These are all sports games that bring extremely realistic experiences. But in the game introduced in this article, it gives you an interesting entertaining gameplay, with cute Chibi-style images.

Pro League Soccer is developed and published by Rasu Games. Most of their games have the same style, it’s a football game with Chibi image. But this latest title is an extremely interesting version, loved by many players. In particular, REDMOD also brings Pro League Soccer MOD APK version for you to experience the game more interesting.

Choose your team

Initially, you are given a choice for yourself a team to start building. It could be a Club or a National Team. Initially, your team only owns amateur players, without good technique. After successfully conquering the first tournament, you will have the opportunity to meet the superstars in the football village.

An interesting feature of Pro League Soccer that sets it apart from other games of the same genre is the ability to customize. The game allows you to customize any information. For example team name, player name, shirt number, and even league name… As long as you like, you can enter your name in the squad. Thanks to that, you have the opportunity to compete with superstars in the world such as Messi, CR7, Neymar, ….

It is not enough to build a squad, but you also have to upgrade the squad. Make your squad stronger and stronger to conquer more advanced tournaments. By upgrading the quality of players, recruiting new players, your squad will become stronger.

Conquer the most prestigious tournaments

Although it is just an entertainment game, the game’s data is taken from real-life football tournaments. So you can join and conquer any tournament you like. All famous tournaments in real life are included in this game. Here is a list of the most prominent tournaments of Pro League Soccer game:

Club Tournament

  1. Domestic Club Cups
  2. European Stars League
  3. European Major League
  4. American Stars League
  5. Asian Stars League


  1. European Nations League
  2. American Nations League
  3. Asian Nations League
  4. African Nations League


  1. European Nations League
  2. American Nations League
  3. Asian Nations League
  4. African Nations League

The gameplay is quite simple

The gameplay in the game is also quite simple, it still applies the same football rules as in real life. Depending on each tournament, there will be separate rules for you to conquer the cup. The interesting thing is that you can join the tournaments on the above list whenever you want, without having to wait for the allotted time like in real life. For example, the World Cup is only held once every 4 years, but in Pro League Soccer, you can participate whenever you want.

In terms of controls, Pro League Soccer is also designed to be as simple and easy to understand as possible. You will have a 360-degree navigation button in the left corner of the screen. This button is used to adjust the direction of the pass, movement and direction of the shot. On the right side of the screen will be 4 skill keys. These are Pass, Shot, Cross and Sprint Skill. Combine these skills and build a reasonable strategy to defeat all your opponents.

Chibi . style 3D graphics

Another highlight of this game is the graphics. It is equipped with pretty good quality 3D graphics, but cannot be compared with games of the same genre like FIFA, PES or DLS. Instead, Pro League Soccer chooses a fun and simple graphic style to bring a different experience. The player system is designed in a cute and funny Chibi style, just like in the cartoon. Thanks to the not-so-high-end graphics, the game’s capacity is also much lighter. You can play the game on many different devices, not requiring high device configuration.

In addition, sound effects also contribute to the excitement of Pro League Soccer. You will hear the sound of the ball kick, the audience shouting, the commentator or the referee’s whistle every time a foul situation occurs… Thanks to that, the ball games in the game are like matches. real football.

MOD APK version of Pro League Soccer

MOD features

Remove Ads. While simulating the matches, the developer’s ads will appear to make you uncomfortable. Nobody wants that. Therefore, our MOD has removed the display of ads in match simulations.

Download Pro League Soccer MOD APK latest for Android

With a simple gameplay that is equally dramatic and attractive, Pro League Soccer has received positive reviews from global players. How about you? Download now Pro League Soccer MOD APK to experience it.

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