My Stories: Play with Choices v0.2.0 Mod APK (Unlimited Tickets)

Last updated: 07/03/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:0.2.0
MOD Info:Unlimited Tickets
Publisher:Oasis Studios
Package:Google Play Link

Every choice matters in these interactive stories. Choose from romance, horror, mystery and more, and make your own impact as drama unfolds with every decision. Meet new friends, go on adventure and love … It’s all in My Stories: Play with Choices, a great game!

Introduce game My Stories: Play with Choices

Released by Oasis Studios, this is a very popular simulation game. Join the game, you will enjoy unique and attractive stories. Not only that, but also many other features such as fashion creation, choosing the path for your story … Are you ready for this new experience?


My Stories: Play with Choices library is full of dramatic chapters and stories. Dive into a gripping story of jealousy and betrayal, a turn-over mystery or a slowly burning romance and sharing a heart-melting kiss. Here are the two most characteristic stories for you:

  • The Secret of Shadow Manor: You are hired as a gardener in an old mansion. After a while, you get a feeling something is wrong in this place. There are so many strange things you will encounter and how to explain it. Where did the employer hire you? Who is the beautiful woman in the mirror? And… can you love a ghost?
  • Fashion spy: You are a skilled agent, but nothing can prepare you for this mission! You will secretly infiltrate the most influential power couple in the fashion world. All you need to do is uncover the secrets of their wealth. Are they really the mastermind behind a diamond smuggler’s ring? You will need all your talent for this case … including your charming talent!

Determine your own destiny

This game is told by you! Yes, you can create different endings for the story yourself. Each story introduces you to fateful choices, and each can change everything. Build or break relationships, uncover mysteries, and determine how your story ends.

Style your look

Styling your character is also your alternate ego. Build an image and step into the stories in the game. There are many hairstyles, fashions and accessories to choose from in each story. Build an elite spy with mysterious black outfits. Or you can build a simple look to match your gardening in the story “The Secret of Shadow Manor.” It’s interesting, isn’t it!

Constantly evolving

My Stories: Play with Choices is constantly evolving its content and features. The new updates always bring new interesting things for players. New chapters are added daily, new books added every week. Additionally, character animations and interfaces are always being refreshed. The publisher always wants to bring the best experience for players.

MOD APK version of My Stories: Play with Choices

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Tickets
  • Unlimited Energy

Download My Stories: Play with Choices MOD APK for Android

Download My Stories: Play with Choices and immerse yourself in your own interactive stories. Master your own destiny in every story, every situation. New stories updated daily, weekly, you will always have new experiences. Please join us to experience the interesting. Wish you a happy game experience!

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