Kingdom: Idle Gold Tycoon v1.0.7 Mod APK (Free Shopping)

Last updated: 18/05/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.0.7
MOD Info:Free Shopping
Requires:Android 5.0+
Publisher:Alcore Games Studio
Package:Google Play Link

Do you want to return to the Middle Ages to try your hand at developing an empire, a country of your own? Join Kingdom: Idle Gold Tycoon, you will be transported back to the Middle Ages to develop and become the best ruler in this game.

Introducing Kingdom: Idle Gold Tycoon

Kingdom: Idle Gold Tycoon is a simulation strategy game. It is published by Alcore Games Studio, a new game company appearing in the mobile game market. Accordingly, this game offers a strategic simulation gameplay. Players will experience idle mechanics, intelligently auto-playing. But this simple gameplay can be addictive for you.


Kingdom: Idle Gold Tycoon takes you and many other players back to medieval times. In this age, everything is undeveloped. It takes a smart, capable leader to develop this place into a rich kingdom, a powerful empire. And you are the one chosen to carry out this noble mission. Show your leadership, intelligence and strategy in this competitive game.

Build your own empire

At the beginning of the game, you can build small structures in your area. From those small works, you can earn money. And from the money you earn, you continue to invest in expanding your land and building more buildings. In addition to construction tasks, you also have to mine to get rich quickly. There will be gold and diamond mines for you to explore and exploit. Recruit people to your empire, let them work hard, earn money for you.

Later on, you have to expand your empire and build as many buildings as you can. Let your people have a place to work, bring quick profits for you. Gradually, you will own a rich and powerful kingdom. And you become the richest and most famous tycoon of the medieval period.

Character system

As a good leader, you must know how to use the human resources you have. You must command, assign tasks to them in a reasonable way to achieve maximum efficiency in work. In the game, you can collect more than 60 citizens and 5 different heroes. In particular, each new character that appears has their own story. They appear as friends, and you can learn about them.

Development strategy

As an idle game, but the player’s strategy is also extremely important. All your actions and actions need to be carefully considered before making a decision. Every decision you make directly affects the outcome of your journey to build a powerful empire. You must have your own development strategy to be able to compete with the empire of other players. All activities and tasks in the game require thinking and tactics from the player.

Game Modes

The main game mode of the game is that you will build and develop your empire. But you will build gradually through the assigned tasks. The game has thousands of missions with valuable rewards for you to conquer. At the end of one season, you will continue the journey of building and developing in the next season of the game.

In addition to the main construction and development activities, Kingdom: Idle Gold Tycoon also offers a few interesting mini games. This game mode allows you to collect valuable parts and bonuses. These games are quite simple, so that players can easily get rewards.

Idle mechanism

As long as you have the right strategy, your empire will work well. The people will work non-stop. Even if you don’t play games, they still work and make money for you. Thus, you will become richer and richer. Of course, that can only happen once you have built a strong and stable empire. This is the idle mechanism of Kingdom: Idle Gold Tycoon game.

MOD APK version of Kingdom: Idle Gold Tycoon

MOD features

Free Shopping

Download Kingdom: Idle Gold Tycoon MOD APK latest version for Android

Still the familiar idle gameplay, Kingdom: Idle Gold Tycoon lets you become the richest man in the middle ages. A simple but extremely addictive gameplay. In addition, the game’s graphics are also beautifully designed, suitable for the gameplay. And here will be the link to download Kingdom: Idle Gold Tycoon MOD APK game for you.

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