Police Sim 2022 MOD APK 1.9.91 (Unlimited Money, Energy)

Last updated: 12/01/2022 (2 weeks ago)

Latest Version:1.9.91
MOD Info:Unlimited Money, Energy
Requires:Android 5.0
Publisher:Ovidiu Pop
Package:Google Play Link

If you are too bored with racing games, try the driving simulation game experience. This game genre offers an extremely realistic experience, without drama and tension. The simulation game introduced below is a product of Ovidiu Pop company. It’s called Police Sim 2022.

Introducing Police Sim 2022

Police Sim 2022 is the latest product in Ovidiu’s racing and driving simulation series. It was just released a few days ago for both Android and iOS. It is still developed with familiar driving simulation gameplay, along with surreal graphics. In the article below, we introduce a little about this game, then bring the Police Sim 2022 MOD APK version for you.

About the developer

Ovidiu Pop is a famous game company worldwide. They only develop vehicle games with simulation or racing gameplay as the main. There are many famous games released by them, such as Driving School Sim, Euro Truck Evolution,… There are their games that have achieved tens of millions, to hundreds of millions of downloads on Google Play. Therefore, Police Sim 2022 will be a promising game of Ovidiu Pop in the near future. In addition, there are also many attractive driving simulation games such as World Bus Driving Simulator, Ultimate Truck Simulator.

Contents of the game

Most of Ovidiu Pop’s driving simulation games have simple content about everyday life in big cities. These games do not have a main plot, the entire content is what happens on the street every day. In the new game, you can explore the vast cities as a traffic cop. You get to drive police cars and go on missions everywhere. This will be an interesting content for those who dream of becoming a police officer.

Simulation gameplay

Unlike racing games, Police Sim 2022 offers a gentle simulation gameplay that is entertaining. Join the game, your only task is simply driving and performing missions. On the police cars, you are an upright policeman with the task of keeping the neighborhood safe. You are assigned many tasks every day, performed in many different places.

Realistic driving

This is a realistic driving simulation game. Therefore, the gameplay of the game is also created as realistic as possible. The car control system has a steering wheel, accelerator pedal and details like a real car. Thanks to that, you can play the role of a policeman in the most authentic way. If you already know how to drive, it’s much easier to get used to the controls in the game. And if you do not know, then when you play, you will be familiar with police cars. It also helps you learn to drive a car in real life later.

Quest System

Every day, you are given many different tasks to complete. It can be chasing suspected criminals, arresting traffic violators,… Or simpler tasks like issuing tickets in the parking lot, escorting other police squads,… With Crime chase missions, you will enjoy high speed driving scenes like racing games. Of course, if you like a light game style, then you choose other missions.

Vehicle system and customization

In the game, you can choose from many different police cars. Currently the game has more than 40 different police cars for you to choose from. Also, new cars will be added in upcoming updates. The vehicle system in Police Sim 2022 is extremely epic, like the super police cars in the movies that you often see. The car design in the game must be affirmed to be extremely beautiful. In addition to the basic shape, the decals glued to many positions of the car also make them much more beautiful.

Once you have your favorite cars, you can even upgrade and customize them. You can customize and upgrade many different details. On the inside, upgrade the engine and engine details to make the car more powerful. Or you can change the car’s appearance with accessories, or change the paint color of the car.

Various maps

The game offers a diverse map system for you to explore. You are taken to many different cities to receive missions. Each location is a place with beautiful views of the vast and splendid city, suburbs, seaside neighborhood,… From the scenery to the roads in the locations are luxuriously beautiful. Compared to previous simulation games, the city in Police Sim 2022 has an area of ​​4 times larger. Therefore, you will not be bored when performing tasks, exploring places in the city.

Graphics and sound

In terms of graphics, Police Sim 2022 is also developed like the previously released simulation games of Ovidiu Pop. It still possesses extremely impressive 3D graphics. Graphics are the strong point of this developer. Coming to Police Sim 2022, you will experience more realistic simulation gameplay than ever before. From images, landscapes, to motion,… everything is surprisingly perfect. Especially the image design of the cars, the splendid cities appear extremely vivid.

For the best experience, sound effects are also extremely important. And Police Sim 2022 has done it very well. The sound effects of the car such as the sound of the brakes, the roar of the engine, the sound of the car crashing,… These contribute to the player’s experience being more realistic.

MOD APK version of Police Sim 2022

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money. When you buy a car, you will have a lot of money.
  • MOD Menu. When opening the game, click the circle button to open the MOD Menu. Among them two other features are Endless Fuel and Immortality!

Download Police Sim 2022 MOD APK for Android

Overall, Police Sim 2022 is a light game for those who want stress-free entertainment. Plus with the developer’s popularity, Police Sim 2022 is being loved by many players. You can download it now to experience this exciting game!

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