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Latest Version:3.1.11
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Released by Genius, this is a game that simulates an extremely attractive novel. This game will take you to many different levels of emotions when you experience it. The Lost Fate of the Oni: Otome Romance Game will bring you an unforgettable story that will keep you forever. You can also consider using our MOD version for lots of free gifts.

Introduce about The Lost Fate of the Oni

The Lost Fate of the Oni: Otome Romance Game is a game that simulates a novel and does not have any RPG or action elements. Coming to this game, you will enjoy a storyline with exciting, bittersweet developments. This game allows you to experience a new way of reading novels. You can decide what is the course, the end of this story. Please refer to the article below to learn more about it!


The plot of this game consists of 2 chapters. A story about a girl (her name is given to you by you) who is covered and covered from a young age. Her father is very worried about her safety. Outside is full of dangers from Oni – merciless and cruel monsters. The mansion was an absolute safe place, so her father often forbade her to go out. Even though the mansion was very comfortable, she still wanted to visit the outside world once. The turning point of the day has happened!

One day, the mansion was attacked by the Oni. She was kidnapped by 3 Oni whose looks are quite handsome. They attack the mansion with the main purpose of being the Sacred Treasure. This is an object that can help its owner to grant wishes. However, this precious member was lost more than 20 years ago. They have investigated and suspect this mansion is a hiding place.

She did not know the existence of this stone. You will play the role of her and begin to learn this mysterious story. Where is the stone hidden? What does your existence have to do with that stone? Only you can answer this question. You are the one who holds the key to the ending of this story. Start the journey now!


As mentioned above, the gameplay of this game does not have any elements of RPG or action. Experience this game as if you are watching a novel and you decide its development. Through conversations between characters, you will analyze questions and make reasonable choices. After each conversation, there will be several different happenings for you to choose from. Therefore, how it happens after that is up to you to decide. This gameplay makes you feel like you’re really living in the scene. You can immerse yourself in all the worries and hopes of the main character.


  • Tamaki: He is the leader of the Oni raging outside the world and the one who kidnapped you from the mansion. He is extremely strict with his subordinates, even himself. His training made him always do well and was extremely admired by the Oni. However, he also has a kind side to him that makes him an unpredictable person. Regardless of the circumstances, you have fallen in love with his kindness and handsome appearance. What will you do to help him overcome the darkness of his soul?
  • Senri : This is an Oni who is cold and disgusting to humans. The first time he met you, he showed his attitude and kept his distance from you. For some reason, he is always present and saves you from dangers. You did not expect that inside that coldness was a kind heart. What makes him so hostile to humans? Explore and help him escape that angry past!
  • Hisui : Also belonging to the antagonistic faction, Hisui has a warm and kind appearance. However, in his eyes there is always a sadness that is hard to say. Right from the first meeting, he fell in love with you. “I love you. As long as you exist in this world, never love anyone” – Hisui’s useless request makes you sad. Why does he say that, find out for yourself!

Mystery of The Hallowed Treasure

Legend has it that this is the most rare and valuable treasure at that time. With the ability to grant wishes for the possessor, this gem is chased by many forces. However, it was lost more than 20 years ago and has lost track ever since. Unexpectedly, the Oni have discovered that the stone is related to your existence. Since then, danger always happens to you.

Love story

Experience The Lost Fate of the Oni: Otome Romance Game, you not only discover the fascinating storyline but also have romantic relationships. You will stand in the middle of a love affair with 3 cold and handsome villains. Who will you choose to send your first love to?


The graphics of this game are extremely simple, with no special visual effects. Game progression is just transitions from still images of the characters. Along with that are the conversations that constantly appear. This is true of the novel-like quality that we mentioned earlier. The background music changes flexibly according to the game’s progress to help you get inspired a lot.

MOD APK version of The Lost Fate of the Oni

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Not too outstanding in graphics, but this game has an extremely attractive storyline. You will be swept up in the moods and emotions of each character. If you are a loyal fan of anime novels, then this is the first choice for you. Experience this game with us in the link below!

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