Pirate Raid – Caribbean Battle v1.31.0 Mod APK (God Mode/Money)

Last updated: 10/08/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.31.0
MOD Info:God Mode/Money
Requires:Android 5.0+
Package:Google Play Link

Are you a fan of the movie about pirates of the Caribbean? Today, you will be directly involved in the journey to become a true pirate with the game Pirate Raid – Caribbean Battle MOD APK. Get ready to set sail, knock down everything in the sea and claim your position!

Introduce game Pirate Raid – Caribbean Battle

Pirate Raid – Caribbean Battle MOD APK is a war simulation game by SayGames. Set in the legendary Caribbean, you will begin your journey to become a master pirate. Crash the surrounding ships and loot all the loot back to your base. This simulation game quite realistically depicts the day-to-day work of a real pirate, frenzied bombardment and looting!

Pirate Raid 888x500
Upgrade your warship to be ready to knock them all down

Upgrade your boat

To be able to start the journey, you need to have a battleship. This is not an ordinary sailing boat for traveling at sea. Your sailboat can be equipped with advanced weapons and solid construction. In addition to attacking and knocking down other boats, you also have to suffer counterattacks from your opponents. All players in this game start equally. Each person will be provided with a simple sailboat and a little economy.

Upgrade your boat to become stronger than other pirates. Each boat will have stats such as health, damage, cargo, movement speed and cannon. You can use gold to upgrade these stats to the maximum. This stat is also important, so you should upgrade all of them evenly.

Various maps

New lands are always something that pirates love. They hoped for an important resource-rich location where they could attack and plunder. Pirate Raid – Caribbean Battle gives players quite a few different locations. However, to be able to unlock new lands, you need to fulfill the conditions of the game. Try to unlock it as soon as possible to get more resources.

Pirate Raid MOD 888x500
Lots of new lands are waiting for you to exploreLots of new lands are waiting for you to explore

Main gameplay

The job of a pirate never ends. Raise the sails and knock down all the boats that appear within your cannon range. A pirate’s happy hour is searching and looting. Your success depends entirely on the loot you rob. The merchants will constantly move back and forth on the sea and you can attack them. Choose boats with a lot of goods to rob, so you will quickly get richer.

The battles are dense and never ending in the Caribbean. The loot ships can be easily found anywhere. You fight with them, trade, bring them to the bottom of the sea and take the spoils. Pay attention to the level and upgraded ship of the person you intend to attack. It could be your bait, conversely it could also mean you’re heading towards a watery grave.

Not only plunder, you can also uncover the mysteries on this sea. Many interesting places are hiding stories that have never been discovered. Are you the first pirate to completely unravel these stories? A lot of rewards are waiting for smart and powerful pirates.

Pirate Market

The definition of “Pirate Market” may seem new to many players these days. This is a trading place, exchange of pirates. They will exchange the loot they get into coins to shop and upgrade their boats. Coins can buy a lot of things in the main store of the game. But you should prioritize upgrading your boat first, because it’s important!

Pirate Raid 888x500
The wars never stop on the Caribbean Sea

Good-natured pirate

Normally, you could be a wretched pirate with a frenzied thirst for money, ready to attack and plunder any merchant. But in this game, you can also bring out your better nature in other game modes. Some side quests will require you to rescue maidens in distress or other unfortunate victims at sea. This is your time to unleash the full potential of a good-natured pirate. Don’t worry, your final reward will be well worth it!

MOD APK version of Pirate Raid – Caribbean Battle

MOD features

  • God Mode
  • Unlimited Gold and Diamonds (Never decrease, need to get enough first)
  • Unlimited bins (At least one crate is needed to open the market)

Download Pirate Raid – Caribbean Battle MOD APK for Android

Pirate Raid – Caribbean Battle MOD APK gives you a free life, without rules and doing the job of a pirate. This simulator lets you experience exciting maritime adventures. Mysterious wars never stop in this volatile Caribbean. Become the most powerful pirate and get what you want!

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