VHS Camcorder APK v1.6.9 (Latest Version) Download

Last updated: 27/06/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:1.6.9
MOD Info:APK Original
Genre:Video - Photo
Package:Google Play Link

Introduce about VHS Camcorder

VHS Camcorder is a very interesting video recording application which has been recently launched. It’s differentiating itself from other similar apps with unique, nostalgic effects that help you create videos like being shot 30, 40 years ago. Besides, VHS Camcorder is reviewed to have a very easy-to-use interface with surprisingly realistic effects.

Because of its interesting and unique features, this app is being sold on app stores for $ 1.99. However, we will bring you the APK files of this application for you to download and use for free. Let’s find out more about VHS in the article below!

The most unique video recording application today

Today’s camera technology is developing at a rapid pace, large sensor cameras have been developed in combination with modern algorithms to help users shoot very high-resolution videos. Not only that, the camera on the smartphone has also been upgraded to produce professional videos. However, many users are still not satisfied with these videos as they expect an impressive, different style. Therefore, retro style is being sought by many people to create accents for their products. However, to produce a retro-style video requires editing time and special recording equipment.

And VHS Camcorder has been developed to meet this need in the simplest and most convenient way. You just need to download this application on your smartphone and start recording, editing and producing impressive videos.

Main features of VHS Camcorder application:

Unique effect

Basically, this application allows you to shoot videos in a unique retro style. This is like a default filter available on your camera, making videos in the 80’s style. No need for complicated applications or editing software like Powerdirector or VivaVideo Show, you can still easily releasing impressive and unique videos. Surely these videos will help your Youtube or Instagram channel look extremely special.

Zoom feature

Another useful feature of the VHS Camcorder is zoom in / out using the T and W buttons on the left side of the screen. Taking advantage of this feature, you can create zoom effects to make the video much more impressive.

Change the date on the video

To make retro style more reliable, this application allows you to change the date displayed on the video. Therefore, you can adjust the date to the 80s and 90s to give viewers more realistic feelings. Although this is a small trick, this feature shows that the developer has invested very carefully in this application.

Import video

You can import videos available on your phone into VHS Camcorder and apply retro effects. From there, the basic videos will be transformed into unique works of art. This is a feature that not every video recording application can do. Like other applications, VHS also allow you to record live videos and export them to popular video formats.

Share for the community

After recording, you can edit and export videos in up to 1080p format. You can change the specifications when exporting videos in the settings of the application. After getting the product you like, share the video on social networks or send it to your friends. This operation is also very simple. Discover it now!

The Full version of VHS Camcorder – Paid version:

  • Add text to videos such as VHS Camcorder By Rarevision
  • Unlimited recording time.
  • Allow changing the recording date on video.
  • Add more colorful filter effects.
  • Import videos from internal memory.
  • Full-screen mode

Download VHS Camcorder APK (Latest version) for Android

Overall, VHS Camcorder is a great video recording application that is totally worth your experience. Especially when you are getting bored with today’s popular effects. With a unique retro style, it will help your video products become more special and attractive. Not only that, we also bring you the completely free file of the VHS Full version below. Download and experience it now!

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