MetroLand v2.0.2 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Last updated: 07/05/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:2.0.2
MOD Info:Unlimited Money
Requires:Android 4.4+
Package:Google Play Link

MetroLand will bring you unlimited entertainment world! Endless running games always give players interesting experiences. They will try their best to get the highest score. If you use our version of MetroLand MOD APK, you will achieve an unprecedented record!

Introduce about MetroLand

Maybe you already know Subway Surfers – The game with the largest downloads in the world. MetroLand is a similar game, from the gameplay to the setting. However, players always want to find something new, and MetroLand is their next choice. Still an unlimited runner game, but MetroLand has many special features that other games don’t have. So what are those features? The answer lies in our article below!

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Play Anytime, Anywhere

Diverse Contexts

Similar games are often encapsulated in a single map. For example, like Subway Surfers, the only setting in the game is the railway. Or even the popular Temple Run has only one map around the temple. Therefore, MetroLand attracts more players with countless maps and beautiful scenes. From the modern city to the endless dynamic, or you can run through famous locations around the world. More maps will give you more experience, avoid being bored.

Attractive gameplay

You can sit all day with the phone while experiencing endless running games. Indeed! Try to conquer the highest score, when satisfied, you realize time has passed too quickly. MetroLand is sure to bring you even more addictive features. Features that you can’t see in similar games.

In the game, you only need to control your character to dodge obstacles. The character will automatically run and accelerate gradually over time. Swipe the screen left, right, up and down to overcome all barriers. Pick up coins along the way to increase your rewards and items that will give you some advantage in seconds. The pursuer always follows closely behind, he can catch up if you make any mistake, even the smallest.

Challenging mission

You will always have tasks to perform in this game. In addition to daily quests, you can also get quests from events and achievements. In particular, achievements and events will bring many rare rewards. The quest you need to do also revolves around the main game. It can be picking up letters on the road, reaching a certain score, collecting the required amount of gold… These tasks are extremely easy to do so don’t skip them. The reward will be based on the difficulty of the challenge, try to achieve new records!

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Useful support items

Not only do you pick up items on the run, but you can also prepare them from scratch. In the store, there are many good and useful items for you to sell. For example, gloves that can smash obstacles, shoes that can jump higher… These items will appear on the screen for you to use whenever. Especially the “revival” item, giving you an extra heart to continue your journey.

World Ranking

Your score will show up on the world leaderboard. There, you can see who’s on top and how much you’re ranking. This is an interesting feature for players to try harder in conquering the game. You won’t be able to imagine there are players who conquer extremely high scores. If you are a player with good reflexes and skills, try to make your name in the top 10 in the world. Exciting gifts are also waiting for the most talented players to take home their inventory.

Special features available in MetroLand

Here it is! The feature that we mentioned a lot from the beginning of the article. This is a feature we haven’t seen in similar infinite runner games. That is building your own base. There, you can decorate and design a beautiful and stylish base. Moreover, you can also collect robots and send them on missions to earn loot. They will run indefinitely just like you, but in a simulated map. There, they can earn you a lot of gold and extremely useful items.

The interesting point of this feature is that the robots still work even when you are offline. Even if you don’t have much time to play, you still have a large amount of resources to shop, unlock characters, buy support items… The more robots, the more rewards you get after each login.

MetroLand MOD 444x789
Action-packed, dramatic

Graphics, sound

Just open the game, your eyes will be a vivid, colorful graphics. The game context is diverse, the characters are cute and realistic, creating good inspiration for players. 3D graphics with shadow technology, creating the most realistic game. Flexible character, smooth action so you can handle it well in critical situations. The game sound is extremely vivid from the effects of picking up items, collisions and even the voice of the character. Moreover, the inspiration of the players is also increased thanks to the good and vibrant background music.

What’s in the latest version of MetroLand?

In the latest version, the publisher has fixed bugs and updated many new features. Specifically:

  • Some bug fixes and optimizations;
  • Track your high score and hit the score milestones;
  • Unlock rewards by climbing the map.

MOD APK version of MetroLand

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Money

Our MOD version makes it easy for you to shop and unlock new characters. Thanks to that, you can achieve record scores that no one expected.

Download MetroLand MOD APK for Android

Overall, MetroLand is really a game worth experiencing. Vivid graphics, cool and beautiful action sequences. The infinite running gameplay is attractive and especially there are many contexts for players to choose from. This game is extremely suitable to play whenever you have free time, enter the game quickly, can stop at any time. What more can you ask for with this great mobile game! Click on the link below to start the journey of a naughty boy!

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