Metal Slug Code: J APK v0.6.0 (Latest Version) Download

Last updated: 29/09/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:0.6.0
MOD Info:APK Original
Publisher:Tencent Games
Package:Google Play Link

Metal Slug Code J APK is the latest version in SNK’s popular Metal Slug series, which was just released a few days ago. Accordingly, it will be the most unique version in the Metal Slug series ever. Players will have completely new experiences, but still have the familiarity.

Introduce about Metal Slug Code: J

Metal Slug Code J was introduced quite a while ago by Tencent and SNK. This game is developed with a combination of the two names just mentioned. They are the top famous game brands in the world for many years now. And they wanted to create a novelty, based on the classic game franchise many years ago. That is the Metal Slug Code: J game mentioned in this article.

Following the famous brand

Recalling a bit about Metal Slug, this is a classic shooting action game brand that any player has ever known. It is one of SNK’s most successful series, bringing in huge revenue for them. The first version of this series was released in 1996. So far, it has been celebrating its 26th anniversary. And the game in question today is Metal Slug Code: J, the latest version in this franchise.

Accordingly, this is a mobile version of the game with outstanding improvements. It will continue the most outstanding features in the old versions, while incorporating new features to create a new experience. This game promises to be widely popular around the world in the near future.

Familiar action gameplay

In terms of basic gameplay, Metal Slug Code: J is still developed quite like the old versions. It’s a horizontal scrolling shooter action gameplay. You will control your main character to fight the enemy. You just need to control the character to move to the right side of the screen, the enemy will automatically appear. Just like that, you will conquer each level of the game until you complete them all.

As a new version, of course the game must have new points. The first is about the character’s skill system is designed to be more diverse. Prominent among them is the ability to freeze enemies that you have never seen before. Add to that new characters, new stories, and a brand new Boss.

As for the control system, it won’t take you long to get used to it. To move, you use the navigation button to let the character go left or right, up or down. The lower right corner is the character’s combat skills. This is a familiar control method of role-playing games.

Breakthrough in graphics

The most prominent feature of the game Metal Slug Code: J is the graphics. In previous versions, SNK remained faithful to the classic graphic style. You can easily see in many different versions, all with the familiar pixel graphic style. But coming to this latest version, you will experience with a whole new feeling.

Metal Slug Code J is invested by SNK and Tencent with a fairly high quality 3D graphics background. This is a breakthrough step that promises to bring them success. All images in the game are designed in detail and sharp. The character’s skill effects are also much more beautiful. Thanks to that, you will have a new and extremely attractive experience.

Download Metal Slug Code: J APK latest version for Android

Metal Slug Code: J both gives you a familiar experience and has new features for you to explore. Therefore, you will not feel that the game has lost its own Metal Slug brand, nor will it be boring to play. Especially the graphics upgrade, giving you a much better experience. Currently, the official version of the game is still being completed, you can try the trial version through the APK file that REDMOD provides below.

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