Merge Detective mystery story v1.38 Mod APK (Free Gifts)

Last updated: 07/06/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.38
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Requires:Android 7.0+
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Merge Detective mystery story MOD APK is an extremely interesting detective-style puzzle game. It gives you a gameplay that combines puzzle and exploration, which you will surely enjoy.

Introducing Merge Detective mystery story

Do you like to solve puzzles through solving missions, uncovering mysteries? Come to the game Merge Detective mystery story! You will be challenged your thinking ability with tough puzzles, difficult challenges for a detective. Can you pass all the levels in this game?

The Story of Mapletown

Join the game, you are taken to a place called Mapletown. This is a small town but quite crowded with people. There are many strange stories happening here and there seem to be many unsolved mysteries. You will play the role of a talented detective to start the journey to investigate the mysterious stories in that town.

There are many different stories that need to be solved by you, such as serious cases, searching for a missing girl… Each story is a difficult challenge, testing your ability to investigate and your inference. The game builds a twisted plot, the stories may or may not be related.

Solve puzzles

The puzzles in the game are built on the main plot. Each story unfolds there will be different puzzles that need to be completed. Each of those sentences will have a different difficulty level. You have to find the clues, reason logically to find the solution. Through the clues found, you will solve the puzzle, and then find the secret behind those stories.

This puzzle gameplay of the game is not easy, nor is it difficult. You must observe the crime scene meticulously and with great concentration. Sometimes, the smallest details, are the key clues for you to find the answer. Anything unusual at the scene could be a clue to the case. Find those unusual objects to quickly complete the task.

And it’s also important that you solve those puzzles as quickly as possible. Therefore, this game needs to be focused to play, but cannot be played when you have little free time. Sometimes, you have to spend hours to find the solution to a puzzle in the game. With subtle observation and logical thinking, you can complete all challenges.

Merge objects

In order to find objects related to solving puzzles, you must solve fusion puzzles. The game creates quite simple puzzle levels. You just merge the same items, to create a new object. Those new objects are the goal you need to find, or you have to keep merging to create another object.

The gameplay of the game’s merge puzzle is quite simple. Find the same objects, touch them to merge. And the objects on the chessboard are not too many, you can easily find them. And there aren’t many types of items, so each merge stage happens pretty quickly.

Interact with characters

In addition to solving and solving puzzles, the game Merge Detective mystery story also offers a game mode similar to visual novel games. During the game, the main character can meet and interact with other characters. And sometimes, you have to make choices and decisions for your character. And those choices directly affect the plot that follows. You need to think carefully every time you make a decision for a certain situation in the game.

MOD APK version of Merge Detective mystery story

MOD features

Free Gifts: You can get free gifts without watching ads. This feature helps you to play games save more time.

Download Merge Detective mystery story MOD APK latest version for Android

Merge Detective mystery story brings a new experience to players. You can play puzzles, solve cases, and play interactively like a visual novel game. And the image in the game is also designed quite eye-catching. If you like it, you can download it now to experience it!

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