Supernatural City v0.9.0 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Last updated: 28/09/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:0.9.0
MOD Info:Unlimited Money
Publisher:Rovio Entertainment Corporation
Package:Google Play Link

Investigate a mysterious disappearance as you join the Supernatural City game! This game uses match-3 gameplay to find important clues. Beautiful graphics, engaging gameplay, let Supernatural City take you to a true entertainment paradise! Our MOD APK version is very useful, you can consider using it.

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Introduce game Supernatural City

Supernatural City was released by Govio, promising to bring a new wind. This is a classic match-3 puzzle game with modern content. You will join the protagonist Ellie to find her father lost. Besides, there are other unexpected situations that will happen. Can you help her find the truth?


Ellie’s father has been missing for several days without any information. She decided to participate in this dangerous investigation herself. Following her trail and coming to New Gateway city, she discovered there was a lot of information about her father. Possessing supernatural powers, Ellie has the ability to see dead people. Through these conversations, Ellie drew closer to her father. Synthesize your instinctive clues to help Eliie uncover the ultimate truth.


The familiar match-3 gameplay

Solving puzzles in match-3 games has never been this easy. You must move the candies so that they make more than 3 of the same color. Meanwhile, they will explode and destroy the adjacent quest items. If you create 4 or 5 of the same color, it will form a special candy. They will help you destroy more things in the ring.

In the game screen there will be special support items for you. Those are necessary solutions if you feel the current level is a bit difficult. However, you should not overdo it because it will lose the appeal of the game. Passing each level will open you a lot of important information and gold coins to buy necessary items.

Investigate the case

Countless mysterious phenomena are hidden in this beautiful New Gateway city. Through many meetings, you will receive a wealth of important information. Then, you need to express your thinking by synthesizing information to find the truth. However, everything is not easy!

To get information from other NPCs, you need to help them with their quests. The mission will revolve around match-3 levels only. It could be destroying items or gaining a required score. As the game progresses, the quests will be a lot more difficult.

Explore many interesting places

New Gateway City has many places that you can explore. Each location hides different secrets for you to come and learn about it. Through the help of the NPCs, you will easily handle everything.

The horror factor

Supernatural City gives you a more unique experience by incorporating a bit of horror in the content. This is shown through conversations with ghosts in search of information. Add to that the rather ghostly sound, which will definitely create interesting moments.

Hit plays every day

It gets more difficult to complete the game as you will be limited in plays. Every day you will gain 5 hearts corresponding to 5 free plays. For each failed level, one heart will be deducted. If used up, you will not be able to continue the match-3 game. However, you will get 1 heart back every hour. You can also purchase plays in the store.


The majority of match-3 games have simple graphics. However, Supernatural City gives you a different look. 3D graphics with realistic and modern visual effects will create beautiful characters and backgrounds. All portray a New Gateway city splendid and magnificent. Enjoy a music system that flexibly changes according to the fun storyline situations you’re facing.

MOD APK version of Supernatural City

MOD feature

  • Stars will not decrease when spending (you can see the number of stars available in the right corner of the screen)
  • Get more gold as you pass the levels

Note: You need to have an active internet connection to load new levels before playing!

Download Supernatural City MOD APK for Android

Supernatural phenomena, empathic ghost stories and challenging match-3 puzzles await you in Supernatural City. This is an exciting game by a combination of detective and puzzle. Combined with eye-catching graphics and contextual sounds, Supernatural City brings you exciting experiences. Can you uncover the ultimate truth of the Supernatural City?

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