Merge Dragons v11.1.0 Mod APK (Free Shopping)

Last updated: 10/11/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:11.1.0
MOD Info:Free Shopping
Requires:Android 4.4+
Publisher:Gram Games Limited
Package:Google Play Link

A land of entertainment and mystery awaits you in the game Merge Dragons MOD APK! Combine better and more powerful products for your dragon training journey.

Introduce about Merge Dragons

Welcome to Merge Dragons, a world of ancient dragons. These dragons have been modified to become more cute. Now, dragons are pets, animals that you can raise and teach. Besides, you also have to perform a noble mission to help dragons have a more peaceful and happy life before the attack of the Zomblins. Many other interesting features are waiting for you to discover and experience!

Contents of the game

A mysterious world is hiding among the clouds growing extremely powerful. It is the fairy world of Dragonia, where dragons live together peacefully. But then, the Zomblins created a space in this land. It was split into different pieces, causing Dragonia to no longer be fused as before. Join the game, you will receive the task of rebuilding this fairy world with the power sources from nature.

Match-3 gameplay

To rebuild Dragonia, you must solve tough match-3 puzzles. Merge materials of the same type to evolve and score points. For example, merge three dragon eggs to create a dragon, three tree trunks to form an ancient tree… For every three of the same ingredients, they will merge into a larger material. In general, the gameplay of Merge Dragons is quite similar to many other similar games. But it’s still pretty enticing because of the variety of content and rewards surrounding these challenges.

In match-3 puzzles you will get to know more than 500 different objects to merge. Each object will be related to a certain story and is unlocked when you reach a certain level. 81 corresponding levels, can you solve them all? I believe this will be quite time consuming, but there is no denying that it is extremely attractive.

Collect different dragon species

You will discover more than 40 different species of dragons in the game. Each species has its own unique characteristics and abilities. They have up to 8 stages of development to evolve to the most perfect state. Of course, to develop, you must earn money and upgrade. Only when the dragons become strong can the Zomblins be annihilated.

So how to collect new dragon species? By pairing eggs, they will hatch useful dragons and roam the vale. What’s more, each level contains the trapped and cursed Gaia statues. Solving the puzzle, you will receive the statue and unlock a huge treasure of rewards.

Build a dragon camp

The evil fog containing the Zomblins has taken over Dragonia’s main camp. You must blow away this dark fog to restore and regain the home for the dragons. The main camp is an important base, it’s a place for you to hatch dragon eggs. If it is captured, new dragons will not be born and the land is in danger of being destroyed.

Protect the main camp, you also need to build a stronger dragon camp. You can plant more old trees around and raise bees for honey. Some locations on the map need to be revived so you can plant more plants there. A large dragon farm will also help you raise many dragons at the same time, and create space for them to play.

Play with friends

Invite your friends to join the defense of Dragonia in this game. You can also get inspired by visiting their dragon camp. See how they build, plant and merge to apply to your camp. People can also share rewards, helping each other take care of things. Unlock the Dens feature to join the Den, playing alongside the like-minded guardians of Dragonia. Socialize, chat, share tips and tricks, and help your Den band members heal the land together!


I am quite impressed with the way the publisher built the graphics for Merge Dragons. The images are extremely beautiful, vivid and eye-catching throughout the game. Cartoon style 3D graphics, creating extremely cute dragons. The scenery of Dragonia is truly a beautiful, vast and detailed picture. In terms of sound, the background music is constantly changed depending on the situation to help you always feel comfortable and increase gaming inspiration.

MOD APK version of Merge Dragons

MOD feature

  • Free Shopping

Download Merge Dragons MOD APK latest version for Android

Download the game now and explore the magical world of Dragonia! You will get to know adorable dragons in a beautiful location. The familiar match-3 gameplay probably won’t make it difficult for you or any other player. No internet required, you can play at any time!

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