Chef Merge v1.7.6 Mod APK (Vô Hạn Tiền)

Last updated: 12/10/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.7.6
MOD Info:Vô Hạn Tiền
Requires:Android 5.0+
Publisher:Higgs Studio
Package:Google Play Link

The game REDMOD brings to you today is Chef Merge, a super fun puzzle game. You will experience a gameplay that combines puzzle, adventure and house design.

Introduce about Chef Merge

Chef Merge is published by Higgs Studio. Accordingly, it was developed with an interesting fusion puzzle gameplay, combined with interior design and home decoration tasks for your farm. Coming to the game, you are assigned to develop a farm. Here, it is possible to grow different items and build a small, cozy house on the farm by yourself. In particular, you can design yourself for every room in that house.

Grow your farm

Coming to Chef Merge, you are assigned a fun farm to grow it. Here, you can grow fruit trees, food, and animals. But you don’t have to take care of them as carefully as other farming games, you just need to merge those elements together to create value. In addition to plants and animals, you can also build a cozy mansion in this farm. Grow your farm bigger, richer and especially full of joy.

In this fun farm, it’s not just your house. Surrounded by friendly neighbors. You can chat with them, or exchange, buy and sell farm products that you create.

Fun puzzle gameplay

The gameplay of Chef Merge is developed quite like Lily’s Garden or Family Hotel. That is, you will have to overcome the puzzle levels, then design the rooms of the house. However, the puzzle gameplay in this game is about merging the same elements, not playing match-3. The puzzle levels in the game will be to merge everything on the farm. It can be eggs, chicken, bread, fruit, …

You just need to merge the same things to create value. On the main screen of the game, select the lightning icon ⚡ to receive the merge target. Each goal will require you to merge a sufficient number of certain objects or foods. You just need to find and merge enough of those targets, the game screen will be completed. In general, the gameplay of this puzzle is quite simple. Even kids can play. And the difficulty of these levels is not too high.

Design the rooms in the farm

The interesting point that players like in the game is that it is designed for their home. You have a lovely house on the farm. However, at first it was quite old and dilapidated. So your task is to refresh that house, become a splendid mansion in the middle of a fun farm.

Passing the puzzle levels, you have the opportunity to customize a room of the house. There are many different options for you to change their appearance. For example, change the wallpaper, floor, paint color, door or choose the furniture you like. At each design, you have 3 options to change the style of the room. You can choose according to your liking, but you still need to think about choosing colors or furniture to match each other.

Playful healthy entertainment

The gameplay of Chef Merge is quite diverse and attractive. But those game modes are quite simple and highly entertaining. The game does not have any pressure or requirements on the player’s skills and tactics. The game has no time limit to play, nor is it mandatory to pass the level. And of course, there will be no competition with other players. The game is yours, and you can play it your own way. This will be an extremely interesting game that can help you relieve stress and fatigue in life.

The image is quite eye-catching

Not only attractive gameplay, the image in the game is also very beautiful and attractive. Although it is only developed with 2D graphics, it offers an experience no less than other 3D games. All images are designed in 3D simulation. For example, the rooms, furniture, farm areas, … are designed in detail and eye-catching. So, when you look at the game’s intro image, you might think this is a high-quality 3D game.

New feature update

Latest version: 1.3.0

  • Added new scenes;
  • Special guests to your farm;
  • Special events are held;
  • More interesting stories added;
  • Fixed some minor bugs in the old version.

MOD APK version of Chef Merge


  • Vô Hạn Tiền: Tăng khi chi tiêu.

Download Chef Merge MOD APK latest version for Android

With healthy and interesting entertainment gameplay, Chef Merge is being loved by many players. It was just released a few days ago, has already received hundreds of thousands of downloads. And right here will be the link to download the Chef Merge MOD APK game for you. If not, you can choose the original from Google Play!

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