Creampire APK v3.1.4 (Latest Version) Download

Last updated: 11/10/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:3.1.4
MOD Info:APK Original
Publisher:Super H Games
Package:Google Play Link

Creampire APK is an extremely attractive simulation game, allowing you to lead an army of heroines to fight the forces of demons. Not only that, you also get to date those beautiful heroines.

Introduce about Creampire

Creampire is developed by Super H Game, a well-known game company on the Nutaku platform. Before that, REDMOD introduced some of their games like Slutty Journey or Cum & Gun. Accordingly, Creampire is the latest product they have released recently. And it is a game with extremely impressive gameplay and visuals. It makes a difference compared to the games that Super H Game has released before.

The plot of the game

Coming to the game, you are transported to a fantasy world, and play the role of a military leader. During that period, your country was invaded by the Oblivion Forces. They are a fierce army of demons, able to defeat anyone who encounters them. The Imperial army was quickly defeated and the Emperor disappeared from the capital.

But you don’t put up with that situation. You are a brilliant military leader, so it is unacceptable for the enemy to invade the territory. Once there, you receive the guidance of Angel Kyle and begin the battle to reclaim the inherent territory. You need to summon powerful heroes and fight the Oblivion Force together.

Rescue the heroes

During the battle with the Oblivion Force, many heroes were captured by them. What you need to do is defeat the army of monsters to rescue those heroes. After successful rescue, your army becomes stronger. From there, you can bring troops to fight, reclaiming locations invaded by the enemy.

Fight the enemy, reclaim the territory

To reclaim what was lost, you need to acquire a strong army, set up the necessary resources and facilities. And finally there will be dramatic wars to reclaim what the demon army has taken. You must show your leadership in battles. By aligning your heroes with the right strategy, you can defeat any army, in any location!

Character system upgrade

The character system in the game is quite diverse. But all of them are beautiful heroines. They are designed with medieval style combined with modern. Each character has a different appearance, and all create an enchanting charm. In addition to their appearance, their fighting ability is also very impressive. Each character has their own fighting ability. Not only that, each character has its own story for you to discover.

After each battle, you need to upgrade your character in many different ways. It could be upgrading stats, equipping weapons or items… And don’t forget to chat with them daily to increase trust and develop love relationships.

Dating heroines

After intense matches, you will be entertained through dating. As introduced, the character system in the game is extremely beautiful and charming girls. Any guy who plays games wants to date them, even if it’s only in the game. To be able to conquer them, you must chat and learn the individual stories of each character. Once you gain trust, you can date them.

Download Creampire APK latest version for Android

Overall, Creampire is the most outstanding game ever that Super H Game has released. The biggest highlight is a more realistic visual style. Along with that is the extremely eye-catching character creation. Right now, you can download Creampire APK to experience it. It is expected that in the near future REDMOD will release a MOD version of this game for you to experience!

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