Lullaby of Demonia v3.1.14 Mod APK (Free Gifts)

Last updated: 31/03/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:3.1.14
MOD Info:Free Gifts
Requires:Android 5.0+
Publisher:Genius Inc
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Lullaby of Demonia MOD APK is a simulation game with visual novel style gameplay that is being interested by many players. It is published by Genius Inc, one of the most famous game studios in Japan today.

About Lullaby of Demonia

Lullaby of Demonia was released by Genius Inc last February. Immediately after its launch, the game received enthusiastic support from global players. Especially the crazy fans of the otome game genre, visual novel. Accordingly, this game still carries the familiar simulation gameplay, giving players the freedom to explore and decide their own story. You will be able to create a novel yourself, with the main character and the main screenwriter being you.


In the game, you are a famous merchant, a girl with personality and extremely smart. So you attract a large number of customers from all over the world. In one, you meet a special guest who confronts you with many interesting stories. It was Lucifer, the Emperor of a country called Demonic Astral Plane.

You encounter a disaster that leaves you with no place to operate, and you must live at the mercy of the royal family, which is Lucifer. He gives you a new life more magnificent and richer. But of course, you trade something for this deal. It was his duty to serve his children. You must become a maid for 4 unusual princes, children of the Emperor.

Main character system

Your story takes place around 4 main characters, who are unusual princes. There are many stories unfolding in your new life. You get to decide your role, as well as your relationship with those princes. Everyone has a different personality and appearance.

Alastor – Prince of Pride

This was the biggest prince of the Emperor’s 4 players, the pride of the kingdom. Of course, he would be the future heir to the throne of the kingdom. However, that is the reason why he always feels sad and tired. The burden of the nation rests on his shoulders, the heir to the throne is both powerful but also a lot of pressure. Will you share his sadness?

Malthus – Prince of Greed

Malthus is an intelligent and talented prince. No job can make it difficult for him. But it was his intelligence and talent that turned him into a greedy man. He wanted to take the throne, a position that belonged to Alastor, the eldest brother. You are the one who helps him understand his true worth, and restrains his greed.

Ifrit – Prince of Lust

This is a prince who is considered the most incompetent of the four brothers. He often plays with lustful desires. Any play, vandalism has the appearance of Ifrit. He becomes more and more daring when anything is possible, just to satisfy his lust. What you need to do is warm his heart, make him change his wrong thinking and become a good prince.

Valec Prince of Envy

Valec is the youngest of four princes. Also because he was the youngest, he was jealous of his older brothers. Because of this, he often acts naughty, childish, and makes everyone uncomfortable. Because of that, he was not respected by others, even though he was a prince. Therefore, you have to help him grow up, understand his worth.

Familiar simulation gameplay

The gameplay of all otome games is similar. You don’t have to have any skills to play the game, to be more precise you are exploring the game. Lullaby of Demonia is an unfinished, unfinished novel. And you are the one to finish that visual novel. You can play at your own pace, making choices and decisions to complete the fascinating story in the game.

The game has a lot of situations and happenings. In each of those situations, you have to make choices and decisions to solve the problem encountered. Each time you decide, you have 2, 3 or 4 different choices. Each choice brings you to a new development. After so many times, the story will complete with an interesting ending. And whether that ending is beautiful or not depends on the way you play, your choices.

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MOD APK version of Lullaby of Demonia

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Download Lullaby of Demonia MOD APK latest version for Android

In general, Lullaby of Demonia has an attractive storyline and a unique visual style compared to previous Genius otome games. If you like it, you can download it right now at REDMOD!

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